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Shabby chic décor ideas for a cosier home

Shabby chic is definitely a style on a more neutral colour scheme, but that is exactly why it can fit into anyone’s budget, preference and style choice. It can incorporate both rural and urban pieces, and whatever hand-me-downs you may have at hand will perfectly blend in. You may be tempted to incorporate colour into the space with this style, but instead of putting colour in, try bold patterns in lighter shades. Patterns, textures and many décor pieces make for a cosier home, and here are our tips on how to make your home just as cosy.

Neutral background

The background of which we speak here is the base of every room – the walls and the floors. For a shabby chic space, neutral background is the most important, because you will be adding plenty of patterns, textures and bold pieces that need to have their own little spotlight. If you have too much going on in one space, it will seem cluttered and overwhelming. So, for walls, opt for a light beige, grey or white paint, and choose a simple wooden floor. If you are renting, and can’t really change the floors, get a big area rug to cover as much floor as you can, and choose it in the colour scheme that will fit with your wall paint and furniture. 

Vintage furniture

Vintage furniture is one of the key elements in shabby chic style. And, it is perfect for not breaking the bank, since you can shop it in yard sales, or go to your grandma’s and get some hand-me-downs. However, vintage furniture can be huge and take up a lot of space, so you need to choose pieces that can fit through your door, and not take up the entire space in your room. To save on some space, instead of a TV shelf, opt for a long and narrow console table with drawers. You can use the top of the table to put the TV on, and one of the drawers for all the cables and routers to be neatly arranged and kept of out sight. You can also get a small chair, or an ottoman, even a big floor cushion, for a cosier feel. 

Natural elements

Spaces in which shabby chic style is featured are generally thought to have a bright, light and airy feel. Not only is this thanks to the muted colours and many textures, but also because of the many natural elements added into the space. One of the easiest ways to achieve this style, is to bring in as many elements from the outdoors as you possibly can. If you have a green thumb, you can incorporate big plants, such as palm trees, for a more naturalistic feel. Even if you are not as good with plants, you can always get succulents – easy plants that don’t require much attention and can survive basically anything. 

Another way to have natural elements is to incorporate pieces of natural materials. Wicker chairs, wooden coffee tables, exposed beams, live-edge shelves – those are all pieces that can go together and make up this style. Don’t be afraid to mix and match!

A touch of shine

This style is often described of having a ‘clean elegance’, and looking effortless and relaxed. If only people knew how much trouble it actually is to achieve all this and still look polished and put-together, huh. Natural elements aren’t the only thing this style needs to be completed. By incorporating metallic materials such as stainless steel, silver and gold accents, we still have that neutral look, but in a different materials. You will want to avoid glitzy and overly shiny metals, neons and iridescence, to keep the clean elegance we mentioned above. 

Fabrics and textures

With a ‘less is more’ attitude in the colour schemes for this style, when it comes to fabrics and textures, it is completely different. With this, it is – ‘the more, the merrier’! Combining things you may never even think go together is a staple in this style. Having lace, velvet, floral patterns, oriental rugs and ottomans, silk and linens in the same space is something completely normal – and expected – in a shabby chic style. However, to prevent a visual clutter and not overwhelm the space, stay close to your neutral colour scheme and rely on the quality of the fabrics. The trick is to get all the elements to blend together and not have one thing jumping out and taking all the attention. A simple check is to take a picture of the room and put it in black and white. If something is visibly sticking out – it needs to go. 


We hope that these tips helped you better understand the base of the shabby chic style and how to accomplish it to make your home the cosiest ever!