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5 Relaxing Activities For Busy Parents To Enjoy

Finding time for yourself is a luxury that most parents have long forgotten as priorities and daily errands now focus on the kids. How you spent your time before your wonderful children were born is a distant memory, and now every minute of the day seems to be filled up. Continuing down this road of exhaustion will only end up in high levels of stress and burn out one day, which will not be good for your own wellbeing or your family’s needs, so it is essential to schedule in time to relax and prioritise this as much as the children’s activities and homework. Choosing activities you enjoy to do as a couple or trying something new will provide an opportunity to spend quality time together alone, as well as getting in some much-needed rest and relaxation time. 

Do Some Yoga

Yoga provides an opportunity to relax your mind and stretch out any built-up stress and tension you are holding in your body. Attend a beginner class where a professional instructor will guide you through the physical poses, controlled breathing, and meditation for an hour or so. You’ll leave feeling wonderfully rejuvenated and relaxed, ready to tackle to chaos of parenting for a few more days. 

Have A Massage

A couple’s massage is a wonderfully romantic activity that will also help relax your body and mind. Take a break from the fast pace of parenting and schedule in a time at heavenandearthmassage.co.uk, giving you the opportunity to really unwind. Massage therapy not only quietens the mind, but it also relaxes muscle tissue, which reduces contractions and spasms that can build up in your body, and physical tension only adds to the stress of everyday life.

Wearable tech 

If you struggle to switch off and relax, try using wearable technology like the Hapbee band. Simply wear the band around your neck, and it’ll use low-energy magnetic fields to send signals to your brain that can influence your emotions. Choose between a number of different emotions including Relax, Happy, and Sleep, which will help you to unwind when you have some time to yourself. Take a look at the BeHapbee Facebook page for more tips on managing your emotions and relaxing.

Go For A Swim

Exercise is a great way to destress and boost the endorphin levels in your body, and swimming is a low impact activity that can be achieved no matter how fit you currently are. Visiting your local pool and swimming a few lengths is a repetitive activity that allows you to switch off. You can also partake in group exercise within the pool,such as water polo and water aerobics, which is a great way to add some social time to your day. 

Spend Some Time In The Garden

Spending time amongst nature is always a great way to relax, and slowly improving your garden will give you a great sense of achievement while taking time for yourself. Having a project to focus on that doesn’t involve the kids will provide you with the headspace you need and give a sense of identity that can be lost when everything is usually focused on the family’s needs. 

Visit An Art Gallery

One trait every parent will notice about family life with young kids is the lack of quiet time throughout the day when they are roaming around the house. If you have a creative mind and like to explore the world of art, why not schedule in a visit to an art gallery when you have the time. Immerse yourself in the brushstrokes of famous artists and enjoy the quiet atmosphere that an art gallery always provides.