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How to Plan a Spanish Holiday with Children

Spain is one of the most popular destinations for families looking for fun and relaxation in the sun, but that doesn’t mean parents shouldn’t take the time to plan the trip. While the country is family-friendly in many ways, travelling to any foreign country with children should not be taken lightly. From the flights and accommodation to planning an itinerary of activities to keep everyone entertained, the more effort you put in before you travel, the easier and more enjoyable the holiday will be. If you’re considering or have already booked a family holiday to Spain, here are some top tips to help with your planning and make you feel more at ease whilst travelling with kids.

Prepare the children for the flight

If your child or children have never flown before, it’s best to try and book a flight that departs early in the morning. Early flights are less likely to be delayed (keeping children happy in an airport can be a nightmare), and you can keep the children on a relatively normal schedule. Seriously think about what is likely to keep them entertained or relaxed on the flight, such as packing some of their favourite toys or even buying them something new they can unwrap on the plane. You could also use the time to talk about what you’re going to do on holiday, some interesting facts about where you’re going to visit or if the children are old enough, you could try to learn some Spanish words.

Dressing for the journey

Comfort and practicality are the key points here. You should consider dressing the children in layers without complicated buttons or fasteners as the temperature on a plane can fluctuate between hot and cold quite quickly. This is also helpful when flying from a drizzly cold UK and getting off the plane in sunny and warm Spain as you can simply remove some layers at the other end. Slip-on shoes are also a better idea than laces as it will make getting through security much more straight forward. 

Plan your hand luggage kit

When packing your hand luggage, you need to prepare for a lot of eventualities while keeping your bag as basic and lightweight as possible. It should include medication, hygiene essentials, a change of clothes and, of course, all your travel documents and booking confirmations. You may want to pack hand luggage for children with some toys and books.

Include children in decision making where possible 

It can be difficult to keep everyone in the family happy all the time, but try to involve the children in your activity planning. Give them a list of options and see which they would like to do the most. It’s impossible to plan every day in detail, and you want the holiday to be as relaxing as possible, so remember to include some downtime. Booking an apartment with a decent amount of space to allow for quiet rest days is essential to stop the family from getting restless. You can find unique apartments in all the Spanish cities through local providers such as staylibere.com for Bilbao. A particular favourite attraction with families in Spain is the Port Aventura resort,which offers accommodation, theme parks and shops for all the family. Visit Attraction Tickets Direct for a wide range of Port Aventura tickets.

Don’t forget … it’s your holiday too!

When planning your accommodation and activities, remember that it’s your holiday too. Find a balance between what the kids want to do and what you want to do to ensure everyone gets time to have fun and relax in the way they want to.