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Low Maintenance Ideas To Create A Stunning Garden

Having a glorious garden space is one thing, the time you need to commit in order to maintain it is another. The joy of your garden can quickly fade if you find yourself forever needing to complete tasks in order for you to enjoy your outside space. Getting the right balance between the look of your garden and the effort that is required to upkeep it is key to your enjoying and maximising your time you can spend enjoying it.

Have a look below at some of the ways you can create a stunning, yet low-maintenance garden: 

Create An Outside Living Space

A really simple yet effective way to make your garden stunning but also still remain lowkey is to add in plenty of seating areas. Think about including plenty of space that is paved, decked or gravelled all of which prevent weeds and are easily maintained. Bear in mind that decking takes more maintenance than paving however, if you treat it and keep it natural it can still be minimal work. When creating an outdoor living space, you have the ability to add your own touch, adding in comfortable seating where you’re able to sit, relax and enjoy your garden. It also acts as a brilliant entertaining area and an extension of your living space indoors. To make it extra cosy add plenty of cushions, throws and even an outdoor heater for when it drops cooler. 

Be Proactive With Your Lawn

Whether you take care of your lawn yourself or choose to have someone do it for you, it can take a lot of time to cater to. Having a large patch of grass in your garden it will require regular feeding, watering, cutting and edging which takes a lot of effort. This is less than ideal if you’re aiming to have a low maintenance garden to look after. You could opt to scale down the size of your lawn or even replace it with artificial grass. Both are going to dramatically cut down on the maintenance needed to keep it looking good. It’s a good idea to get some Free Artificial Grass Samples if you choose this option as there is a variety. 

Plant Areas 

There is nothing wrong with having a range of plants in your garden. In fact, they have the ability to transform a space and add personality. If you want to create a low maintenance garden that still wows, you need to be a little pickier. Try to contain plants and have them in boxed areas or containers. This minimising the amount of work needed to keep them looking great.  You should also stick to unfussy plants like evergreens and shrubs including lavender. The great thing about shrubs is not only are they good for looking after bees but they are easily managed as they only need to be trimmed and bloom all year round. 

These three low maintenance ideas are brilliant to help you to create a stunning garden space to be enjoyed all year round. Do you have any other ways that you can achieve this? Please share them in the comments area.