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3 Unexpected Uses for Steel Buildings

Steel is a common building material and is used in construction projects to build safe, durable, and cost-effective structures. Steel is a highly versatile metal and can therefore be customised for a variety of purposes. It is frequently used for agricultural storage, aviation hangers, and industrial buildings, with the Stainless Steel Angle being a particularly popular structural shape that finds use in construction and building industries. However, there are a few uses for steel that you might not have thought about before. Let’s discover 3 unexpected uses for steel buildings.

Equestrian Industry

Did you know that steel buildings can be used to make fantastic stable facilities? Steel building frame models do not always require interior columns, and this can make them a favourable choice for storing horses. As well as being tough enough to handle any kicks from a bad-tempered nag, setting up custom stables in a steel building is relatively easy too. Stalls can be put into place alongside an exercise arena to protect horses from the elements, and safe storage spaces for feed and equipment can also be built. Furthermore, tack rooms, as well as shoeing and grooming areas can beincluded.

Ventilation systems for steel buildings can also be connected to provide heating and cooling for horses as and when the seasons change. Steel stables are also mold resistant and can generally withstand pests such as insects and rodents, all of which can have a detrimental impact on the health of a horse. One of the most important benefits of using steel buildings in the equestrian industry is that they can be easily expanded to take on more horses or equipment. Looking for a steel building provider for all your equestrian needs? Armstrong Steel Buildings are a popular choice. Head to armstrongsteel.com to find out more.     

Car Dealerships

Car dealerships typically benefit from open plan designs that offer an unobstructed view of their vehicles. Consequently, steel buildings can accommodate large doors and display windows creating an optimal space for displaying cars of various shapes and sizes. Steel car dealerships are designed to be tough enough to withstand the elements, providing the durability and strength needed to protect a valuable inventory of cars. Steel also comes in a variety of colours making it easy to create a facility that incorporates the house style and colour scheme of a car manufacturer or brand. 

By incorporating features such as moveable walls and hanging ceilings, it is possible to create a separate ambience for any sales offices, waiting rooms, merchandise storefronts, or repair facilities. This can make replacing stock, machinery, and equipment dramatically easier by reducing the need to alter any basic building structures. If you want to ease the initial setup process, as well as any later expansions, be sure to look for prefabricated options when looking for metal buildings for sale. Most building components for steel car dealerships come this way, so it should be relatively straightforward to find the perfect option for your needs. 

Indoor Sports Centres

Steel sports facilities are in high demand all over the world. Community or event centres made of steel can be erected quickly and effectively to meet demands. This is particularly useful with regards to hosting Olympic games, and other competitive sport competitions. Swimming pools, gymnastic arenas and changing rooms, can all be built in and movable seating can be installed to provide the best possible views of sporting events. 

Steel sports centres are unique in that they create an open space that can be rearranged into separate, more compact areas through the use of movable walls. Plus, through the use of insulation, indoor sound can be optimised, while outdoor noise can be mitigated. Additionally, any activities that require a large venue can be comfortably accommodated within a steel building. Other types of events that can be hosted at indoor sports centres include circuses, concerts, conventions and much more. 

Ultimately, steel is being used in an increasingly diverse repertoire of building styles. Thanks to its malleable yet sturdy nature, it seems that steel will be used in construction projects for many more years to come. To learn more about all things building related, check out this useful guide to the construction industry.