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5 Things Dads Should Do for Would-Be Moms to Make Her Life Easier

Pregnancy and delivery are the work of moms. However, dads should do certain things to make their lives easier. Would-be moms do the heavy carrying for nine months. Life can be a lot easier and more fun if dads helped with the load. If you’re about to become a dad, you can do more than just helping your spouse to hire a midwife online.

The overall experience of new moms is better when dads get actively involved. You should be the first pregnancy partner for your spouse. Taking this position enables you to enjoy the overall pregnancy experience better and provide much-appreciated relief. It also sends a message that you’re ready to become a reliable partner when it comes to childcare. Here are some of the things dads should do for would-be moms to make their lives easier.

1.     Listening and Talking

Pregnancy can be challenging for first-timers. Thoughts of childbirth can feel more overwhelming than it actually should be. Nevertheless, the experience becomes easier to bear when a mom-to-be realizes that she can count on her partner for support. And a lot of that support is simply being there. Dads should, therefore, make sure that their partners know that they can vent to them about little things and about the  changes they experience during pregnancy. They should also feel free to talk about the upcoming procedures and the anxiety of becoming mothers.

It’s easy for dads to feel or think that concerns of moms-to-be are illogical and outsized. However, such feelings and thoughts should not be expressed at this time. So, don’t tell your partner to chill out or stop worrying. Instead, pay attention and listen. Help your spouse find relevant information about what is worrying them. You can even book and go for doctor appointments together. You can even take time off from work to hang out and have some fun.

2.     Provide Help with Hiring a Midwife

In addition to being exhausted, your spouse is emotionally vulnerable. As such, don’t let her do everything. Instead, pitch in and play a more active role. For instance, help your spouse find and hire a midwife. Be there when she conduct some research to find the right midwife. Take on household chores that were previously her responsibility. 

Every now and then you should give her a foot rub or shoulder massage, even when she really doesn’t need one.

3.     Stay Informed

The changes happening in the body of your partner can make you feel mystified. Luckily, you can easily conduct some research on pregnancy online and there is no shortage of resources. You can also visit your doctor together for childbirth classes.

Childbirth education is very important because it enables spouses to learn about what happens to a woman’s body and the developing baby. Therefore, use the available resources to know what happens every day and week of a typical pregnancy. Your spouse will be impressed when you visit a doctor and discuss things she never thought you knew.

4.     Make a Contact List

You will be in charge of tweeting, texting, and bragging about the baby. Therefore, get organized by making a contact list. Talk to your spouse about the list and the people that must be included in it. It’s very important to ensure that the mom-to-be is involved in making the list. That’s because some moms prefer certain channels. Others would hate to have people see them without their usual makeup. Therefore, talk about this in advance. Come up with a plan that will enable both of you to have and share the joy of a new baby.

5.     Packing

A mom-to-be needs a hospital bag. Make sure that the bag is full with the right gear. This includes a toothbrush, iPad or iPod, toothpaste, a razor, extra batteries, a camera, and books or magazines. You don’t have to wait until the last day to stock the bag with all these items. You can start a few weeks before your baby is due. This is very important because you might have to rush to the hospital unexpectedly.

And, while packing the hospital bag, include surprises. Examples of surprises for a mom-to-be can include fancy towelettes, a robe, and new slippers. A chocolate bar wouldn’t hurt either.

Being actively involved in pregnancy and childbirth makes the experience better for both spouses. It also strengthens their love.