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Thinking of Buying a New Family Car? Here are 3 Things You Should Consider

Buying a new car for the family can be an area of concern and stress for many parents, as it’s a pressurised need to find the right vehicle that can provide everything for you and your children, and hopefully last a long time, too. When browsing for a family-friendly car, personal taste is usually replaced by practicality and base need, but with careful planning, there’s no reason you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for.

Modern Dad's Guide to Buying & Maintaining the Ultimate Car

When buying a new family car, consider the following.

1. What’s Your Budget?

Before you even begin browsing at car dealerships and comparing makes and models, you need first to decide what your maximum budget for a new car is. You may have the perfect car in mind, but if it’s significantly out of your budget, then you need to let it go and concentrate on those vehicles which are affordable for your family. 

Your budget should include:

  • The price of the vehicle itself
  • The vehicle’s insurance
  • Road tax
  • Running costs, such as petrol and maintenance 

When planning your budget, you also need to consider any optional extras, such as a specific colour which might cost more (like black usually does on most car models) or personalised extras like a private number plate from Primo Registrations at Primoregistrations.co.uk. If you have a current car you’re looking to sell or trade in, you can factor into your budget the profit from that, too.

2. Think About Seating and Space Requirements

This should naturally be based on how many members of the family there are, but if you are looking for a long-term solution, you ought to factor in any future plans, too. This includes whether you’re planning on having any more children, or even if you’re considering getting a dog which may need ample boot space. You should also analyse your lifestyle and think about how much space is needed, whether you constantly transport your children’s friends around as a carpool on the school run, or your job sees you using your car a lot , or you need a lot of space to pack certain items into your vehicle.

3. What Will the Car Mainly Be Used For?

Will your family car purchase only be for school runs twice aday? Or will it be responsible for every trip, large or small, whether it be driving holidays, trips to the supermarket, or commuting to work? Once you understand the demands for your car, you will know how to achieve the most economical option, as diesel-powered cars are better for cars using a lot of mileage. Likewise, petrol may be preferable for family cars which are only responsible for quick, short trips in a built-up area.


When making plans for a new family car, it’s easy to think that you simply need a five-seater with more space – but it’s so much more than that. To fully achieve what you need, you should consider your long-term plans, your lifestyle routine, the amount of mileage you’re planning, and any additional extras which may be important to you. 

Once you understand all of that, you can easily compare the best deals.