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Tips For Getting The Best Deal On A Car

It is now easier than ever to make sure that you are getting the most for your money. You have hours that you can trawl through the internet looking at different car blogs, and even comparisons tool to get an idea of what your new car is going to run you. In the end, we all want the best deal, and here is how you can get just that:


What the car is worth, and what the car is worth to you are two different things. It is essential that you know what the real value of the vehicle is long before you arrive at the dealers. When you know you have X to spend, and the car is worth Y, there is no reason for you to pay above the odds.


This is one of the critical factors. There are some dealerships that will charge much over to odds, and when you go in will push for the highest possible price – and they won’t be that nice about it. You should choose a dealership with an excellent reputation like Hilton Car Supermarket

Know Your Budget

Of course, this is an essential tip. You will have an idea of your budget, and when you are in the lot, you might see the car you fall in love with – but it’s a touch over. Don’t be tempted to just pay what it says on the windscreen. There is room for negotiation, so tackle it. Offer an amount 50-500 less than your budget and see what happens. That gives you room to move towards the upper end of your budget, and them to slowly come down to meet you there. Don’t be rude about it, or of 500 less for a car that is priced at 700 – you both want the sale, so just work towards it. 

Test Drive It

Don’t drive the car around the lot once and be okay with it. Take the time to test drive it around on the road. It might feel a bit daunting at first, but in general, you need to get a feel for the gears, the breaks, and how it feels. If you aren’t confident doing this, then take a friend with you who you trust and let them drive it. 

Be Ready To Leave

The salesman is a dab hand at putting just the right amount of pressure on. BUT you need to remember that you can leave at any time. There will be another car in your budget. You are the authority on the deal, your money is important, and you don’t have to hand it over. If you make it clear you have a) other cars to see or b) you have seen it cheaper elsewhere, the dynamics may shift. 

You must remember you are both there for the same reason, they have cars, and you need a car. Don’t be rude, and you might just find there is mutual respect and a pleasant transaction possible.