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The Home, The New Heart Of The Business

Don’t bring your work home.

Leave your worries in the office. 

You can’t mix work and pleasure. 

You’ve probably come across many similar statements that are designed to keep your home and office life separate. However, it’s time to consider the many advantages of making your home your new office hub. Indeed, the home office crew has rejected the idea that you can’t mix work and household. In fact, the truth is that by combining both you can make your home the new generation of successful offices. Here’s why you need to bring your work at home more often.

Walk to the office every day 

Imagine a world where you can walk to your office in a matter of seconds. Indeed, one of the most important transformations that a home office brings into your life is to make work more accessible. For British homes, house extensions projects present the easiest solution to accommodate a home office. Indeed, small properties can struggle to make room for a cosy and regular office. As a result, extensions and shed conversions are some of the preferred approaches for long-term home office. As a professional, you can spare yourself the stress and expenses related to commuting to work every day. 

Managing a team from home?

Virtual offices are the natural extension of your home office. Indeed, in our modern-day and age, there’s no reason to need physical premises anymore in the business world. Indeed, not only a virtual office allows you to create and manage a team of collaborators with no regard for their physical locations, but it also makes your business more competitive. Indeed, when every data is available at the click of a button, you can maximise your productivity. You can also save yourself a lot of costs by moving to the online platform, especially when it comes to rental and office management invoices. Additionally, digital settings also help to make your business more reactive to rapid changes in the market. 

Make the world a greener and healthier place

Did you know that company offices are the fourth-largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the world? Additionally, almost a third of greenhouse gas emissions in the world are the result of transportation-related activities. In the US, transportation leads to 29% of emissions, while they reach 33% in the UK. However, most of us tend to use their cars primarily to go to work. Keeping your office at home could cut down gas emissions significantly. Additionally, you can also help to tackle electricity and energy waste in businesses by staying at home.

More quality time as a family 

Finally, parents struggle to make time for their families. Indeed, the lack of flexibility at work affects family time. Many professionals are faced with an impossible choice between family and career. But, working from home can eliminate the dilemma, by ensuring you can balance your time as a parent and a professional more effectively. While it might take some scheduling know-how to accommodate school runs and work meetings, you can enjoy quality time with your family without affecting your performance. 

Are offices becoming obsolete? This is the belief that more and more young professionals share. By moving the office back at the heart of your home, you can not only regain control of your time but also create an environmentally-friendly space that cuts down business carbon footprint.