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Mixed Metal Tablescapes for Every Holiday Dinner

The holidays are about gathering with family and those close to us to express our gratefulness for their infinite love and care. Whether that be with gifts, cards, or dinner – your thoughtfulness will not go unseen. If you are hosting a gathering this holiday season, then kudos to you! Taking on the responsibility of a host is tough yet rewarding and with the correct assets, you’ll knock hosting out of the park.

If you are looking for a little guidance to hosting this holiday season, look no further. Below we have included terrific pointers to setting up a wonderful tablescape for your friends, family, and company to gather around. By following the tips below, you’ll set up a dinner that is sure to impress any of the lucky guests you invite. 

Stunning Tablescape for Thanksgiving

Show your gratefulness to those who join you for a lovely feast with this stunning Thanksgiving mixed metal tablescape. You’ll astonish those who take a seat at the table by following the simple tips below. The turkey will look even tastier!

Simple Tablescape for Winter Holidays

The simple things in life tend to be the most touching. Spending time with those close to us is special and to express that we can throw a wonderful holiday dinner in our company’s honor. Take a look below to achieve this holiday dinner trend.

Striking Tablescape for the New Year

You are celebrating a whole year’s worth of accomplishments so it would only be fitting to go all out for this tablescape. Create a lasting impression on the guests that dine with you by laying out a bunch of gold. See all the tips we have to achieve this New Year tablescape below!

Pie and Hot Chocolate Stencils

Don’t stop at the tablescape! Share your love with family and friends over a delicious slice of pie or cup of hot cocoa. Make desserts they won’t forget by using a stencil as seen in the mood boards above.

Here are the instructions: 

  1. Simply follow this stencil link
  2. Find the download stencil button
  3. Print out the stencil
  4. Cut only on the dotted lines
  5. Place the stencil over the pie or hot chocolate 
  6. Sprinkle powdered sugar, cinnamon, chocolate dust, or nutmeg on to the pie or hot chocolate
  7. Remove the stencil and voila!

We hope you have a lovely holiday season. Use the simple tips above to build an amazing dinner none of your guests will forget. Your friends and family who join you will admire your hosting capabilities. Have a wonderful holiday season.