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5 Small Bedroom Tips and Tricks

After a long and tiring day, many of us love nothing more than to get into our bedrooms, climb under the sheets, and forget about the world outside. We all want to feel comfortable and calm in our boudoir, so if your bedroom has seen better days, it may be time for a revamp. If you don’t have lots of space to play around with, there are lots of tips and tricks that you can use to your advantage which can help transform your small bedroom into a place of relaxation.

Maximise Lighting

It goes without saying, light rooms appear bigger, whereas dark rooms appear smaller. If you have a small bedroom, bringing in as much outdoor light as possible is important. Make sure that you keep your window treatments simple, andadd extra light with wall scones rather than using table lamps. Also, using reflective surfaces like a wall mirror can reflect light which will make your bedroom look bigger.

Remove Clutter

While clutter may not be too much of an issue in a large bedroom, the more furniture and items you have in a small bedroom, the more cramped it will look and feel. If you aren’t sure where to begin, creating a list of the items you want to keep hold of will help make the clearing process easier. If you have personal toiletries stored in your bedroom, it may be wise to keep them in your bathroom. Once you’ve decluttered, your small bedroom will appear larger and feel more peaceful.

Get Creative with Storage

Once you’ve got rid of any unnecessary clutter, you will want to begin thinking of quirky ways to store necessary items out of sight. There are lots of great hiding spaces where you can store your possessions, such as storage boxes in the bottom of your wardrobe, or hooks over your bedroom door which can be used to hang your dressing gown and other items of clothing. You may want to use accessory trays in drawers too,which can store your smaller items. 

Think About Flooring

Another way to update your small bedroom is by changing the flooring. If you have a carpet laid down, it may be time to rip it up and try something new. Many homeowners are investing in wood flooring which can not only increase the saleability of your property, but be easier to clean too. Visiting websites like woodfloors-farnham.co.uk can be a great place to start where you can find out more information on what type of wood floor will work best for your bedroom. 

Choose Your Colours Wisely

While your bedroom should reflect your personality and style, the colours you’ve chosen for your walls and furniture could be having an impact on how much sleep you’re getting. Bright colours like yellow, orange, and red can make your bedroom look smaller and be a distraction when you’re trying to get some shuteye. It’s best to stick with cool colours which can make the walls recede to help your small bedroom look larger.

Whether you’re planning to stay in your property for the foreseeable future, or you hope to put your property on the market, updating your small bedroom can not only increase the value of your home, but give you a place to fully relax and unwind.