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How To Get Kids To Try New Foods

Getting your kids to try new foods and experiment with different flavours can be a challenge, especially if you have picky eaters! Fortunately, there are many simple ways to encourage your kids to be more adventurous when it comes to their diet. Here are some top tips on how to get kids to try new foods.

Start when they are young 

Research shows that food preferences develop in early life, usually within the first few years. For that reason, you must introduce your kids to a variety of foods and try to develop healthy eating habits while they are still young. Eating a healthyand varied diet will support your kid’s growth and development and improve their overall health and wellbeing. Remember, encouraging your kids to eat a varied diet will help them become more adventurous when it comes to trying new foods in later life. Introduce your kids to foods with a variety of different flavours and textures and encourage your family to follow a nutritious diet.

Develop healthy habits like eating fresh fruitsand nuts for snacks, instead of crisps and chocolate. Remember that it’s natural for young children to be wary of new foods. Studies show that most toddlers will not try a new food item until they have been presented with it several times. You should be sensitive to this and avoid pressuring them into trying new foods. Instead, let your kids try different foods and decide what they like. 

Go to different restaurants 

Going out to eat at different restaurants can be an excellent way to get your kids to try new foods. It is also a great way for your family to spend quality time together out of the house. Try to pick restaurants that serve healthy, nutritious foods with a variety of different flavours. You can introduce your kids to spices by taking them to an authentic curry house or encourage them to try a healthy Mediterranean diet by going to a local Greek restaurant.

Fortunately, many restaurants offer kids’menus that have been designed to appeal to kids’ tastes. For instance, nedsnoodlebar.com is a popular Thai restaurant chain that offers a selection of delicious kids’ boxes that are made from healthy Asian ingredients.

Make cooking a fun family activity

Home-cooked meals are far healthier than shop-bought processed food. Cooking can also be a fun activity that can easily involve the whole family. Research fun recipe ideas with your kids and let them pick a few dishes that you can try making at home. You can easily disguise healthy food in dishes to make them more appealing. For instance, mash carrots or swede into mashed potatoes, or even add vegetables to stews or soups.

Teaching your kids basic cooking skills like cutting vegetables, frying ingredients and using kitchen scales will help them follow a nutritious diet in later life. There are even several kids’cooking classes in the UK that teach children a variety of useful skills in the kitchen, with everything from beginner to advanced classes available.