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Planning the Perfect Family Event: A Guide

Planning a family event can be a lot of hassle when you already have a full-time job and a family to care for, but if you have something to celebrate, like a birthday or the New Year, you will want to do it in style. 

To make the event go as smoothly as possible, and as close to perfect as it can be, you will have to plan carefully and considerately. There are so many things to consider; the number of guests, the venue, whether you will need decorations, a cake… it will take a lot of time to bring it all together, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Choosing a Date

The date of the event is one of the most important factors. It will determine who will be able to come to the event and whether you will have to consider changing the date to a different one. 

Instead of offering multiple dates to your invitees, offer them one and then you can negotiate once you know who can and cannot attend that day. Depending on the number of guests, it may take a while to find a date that works for everyone. You may even have to compromise and promise another event for some. 

Finding a Venue

The venue you need will depend on the number of guests who are arriving, the type of event, and if they’re available when you are.


If you are planning to invite more than thirty guests, you will have to find a venue that can provide enough space for this. A venue that’s too small for your guests will make it feel stifled and cramped; the exact opposite you should want your guests to feel at the event. 


Are you having a family meal? A party with a buffet? Drinks only? These are the things you will have to consider prior to hiring your venue or booking your table. Research the venues you are looking at and determine whether they will make a good fit for the type of event you are planning. A big function room is great unless you are hoping for a sit-down meal. 

Ask for recommendations when finding a venue. Finding the perfect party venue hire in Windsor will take lots of thorough research. Or perhaps you need birthday party venues Newcastle, regardless of where, make sure you do your research!

Don’t Forget to Book 

Party venues and restaurants often get booked up quickly or are simply too busy on the average weekend to accommodate for a large party of guests. This means you will have to be on the ball and book your event at the venue well in advance of the set date; as soon as you have secured the number of guests and the date, you should book your venue hire to avoid disappointment. 

Family events are a rare occasion where everyone can get together, but they take a lot of planning and effort. In the end, the time you have taken to research the best venue hire and the best date to get everyone together will result in a fantastic event to remember.