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Winter getaway: How to keep your home safe while you’re away

Some time about now, Chris Rea is probably setting off on his annual pilgrimage home for the holidays. And as you’ll know, if you tune in to practically any radio station during December, it usually takes him an entire month to get there!

But what if instead of driving home for Christmas this year, you’re one of the many who travel across the country – or even further? Here are some crucial security tips to ensure peace of mind while away from your home over the holidays.

Keep the socialising to yourself

According to The Independent, British families will travel, on average, an astonishing 302 miles over the festive period to see friends and family. As you’ll agree, that’s some distance to be away from your home should something go wrong.

And the biggest security mistake people make, not just at Christmas but during summer holidays and weekend breaks too, is publicising to the world where they are (and subsequently where they aren’t!). Do take photos, but don’t risk openly telling everyone and anyone that your home is empty by publishing them straight away.

Install a timer on your lights

Taking a little from the innovative security work of Macaulay Culkin’s Kevin McAllister in Home Alone, simply having a few lights on in the home can be enough to deter thieves (and ‘sticky bandits’ too, for that matter!).

If you don’t happen to own a timer, you could always ask a trusted friend or neighbour to pop by and turn them on and off when night falls too. This is another practical security trick– but do ensure that all your keys are accounted for before you leave home for Christmas.

Attend to any problems beforehand

Typical problems like condensation in the home, damp, and leaks can be expensive to repair at any time of year, and so can easily be overlooked in the build-up to Christmas itself. But if you’re headed away, and they become worse – they could be horrendous when you return.

And if you’re already naturally veering towards ‘the problem surely won’t get worse…’, then imagine having that worry on your mind while you’re away from home over Christmas. If you have any doubts then get in touch with a reputable company like Findley’s, roofers in Darlington. A professional tradesperson can assess any existing damage, and give you an honest assessment of how likely it is to become more serious in the near future.

Secure all windows and doors

If you haven’t got a deadbolt on your back door before you go away, then get one fitted. This allows you to lock the back door from the inside, and will make forced entry much tougher. If you have locks on your windows, get them all fastened tightly and secured, and store the keys away from the window-frames.

It’s not a great thing to have to think about, but the number of robberies nationwide does significantly increase over the festive period. And this spike, unfortunately, is a direct result of people being away from home, and often unlikely to return for several days. To ensure that you’re not a victim of the almost 500 burglaries, 65 robberies, and 1000+ thefts this year, take every security measure you can before driving away from home for Christmas.