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Our Christmassy Trip to Liverpool!

I’ve never been to Liverpool before but many of my friends and work colleagues have said I must visit at some point, especially around Christmas time because there is so much to do!

That’s when someone from Visit Liverpool got in touch with me asking whether we’d be interested in a Christmassy trip to Liverpool! Of course we jumped at the chance and the kids were really excited for a day out in a big city they’ve never been to either!

We set off early on a Sunday morning so we had plenty of time in Liverpool. It took us roughly 2 hours to get there, arriving at around 10.30am, ready for our first adventure ……..

The World Museum

The first place we visited once we got to Liverpool was the World Museum which was absolutely brilliant! It’s free entry but they do welcome a donation.

There were 5 floors all together in the Museum …. yes 5!

There was plenty to explore and we started on floor 1, which was the aquarium. A firm favourite of our kids were the Terrapins, Archie in particular loved them! We couldn’t get him out of there!

We then went upto floor 2 where we found the bug house! The Girls weren’t a huge fan of all the bugs but Archie certainly enjoyed it ?

On this floor was also the Clore Natural History Centre where we found lots of bones and we had to guess which animals they belonged too, it was very hard in some cases but easy for others!

We also found hundreds of different butterflies which Archie loved and we couldn’t get him out of the room!

Then onto floor 3 we went where we took a trip back in time to Ancient Egypt! The girls found it interesting, learning about Egypt, but they were freaked out a little by the mummy’s ?

Floor 4 was voted the favourite by all 3 kids, it was dinosaurs and the endangered planet! We met lots of dinosaurs and other creatures like mammoths! Archie was in his element, growling at all the dinosaurs ?

Floor 5 was next, the last floor ☹️ Which was all about space. I found it really interesting but the kids didn’t enjoy this one as much.

Overall the World Museum was great and the kids had a brilliant time, as did me and my wife!

Christmas Market

After we’d been to the Museum it was close to lunchtime but before we sat down to eat, we had a lovely walk through the Christmas market which is situated in St George’s Plateau in the city centre. I love a Christmas market and Liverpool’s didn’t disappoint!

They have all sorts of things on sale from food through to quirky gifts you can give on Christmas Day! I had to bag myself one of the crepes too ?

Spot of Lunch – Trattoria 51

After a wander through the Christmas market, we took a short walk to a lovely Italian restaurant called Trattoria 51.

We had a lovely welcome and the owner (Luigi) came to greet us as well which we saw him do multiple time’s whenever someone came into the restaurant. I think it’s lovely that he takes the time to welcome his guests!

We sat down and took a look at the menu whilst ordering our drinks. The kids had pasta, my wife had a Farmhouse Pizza and I had carbonara. It was all very delicious and the staff were all really friendly.

One of the ladies serving us got the kids some paper and colouring pencils to keep them occupied as well! I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone whilst in Liverpool.

For dessert, the kids all had ice cream which went down a treat, I had chocolate brownie and my wife had a cheesecake, both of which were delicious ?

Our Polar Adventure

After lunch we headed over the shopping centre called Liverpool One for the last activity on a fun packed day …… a Polar Adventure!

We got onto a little train and were transported to the North Pole. We were greeted by lots of happy and smiley elves when we got there!

There were various activities for the kids to get involved in. First we went into a little hut where we got a few pots of different coloured glitter so we could decorate our faces!

We then sat on a bench for a photo opportunity and whilst we sat there, snow starting falling from nowhere! It was very magical ?❄️

We then went into another hut (the North Pole Post Office) where the kids got to colour a little postcard that would be sent directly to Santa. They all enjoyed a bit of colouring in!

We then had hot chocolate with marshmallows and were called into the final hut for story time! There were lots of cushions on the floor for the kids to sit on and it was very cosy!

The Polar Adventure went down a hit with the kids and they didn’t want it to end!

It was then time to head home but before we did, we had a walk around the shopping centre and stumbled across the Barbie shop which Maisie (our eldest) just had to go in!

All in all it was an amazing trip to Liverpool and the kids had a wonderful day! On the way home they all fell asleep in the car which is the sign of a good day out!

If you’re looking for somewhere to visit this Christmas, I’d definitely recommend Liverpool! ?