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5 Best Fruits for Juicing and Their Benefits

Drinking freshly juiced fruits has become a trend these days, especially for those who are health-conscious individuals who have a lot of things on their plates. It saves a lot of time and effort, which makes it quite popular.

But, aside from popularity due to convenience, juicing is also healthy. While it eliminates fiber in the process, fresh fruit juices offer many benefits to the human body.

Juicing Daily: Detoxing and Cleansing 

Juicing has become one of the top options when intending to do a detox and cleanse. This is why the number of juice drinks today has risen. There are a lot more ingredients that are utilized in making juices aside from fruits.

Varieties of vegetables and spices, even nuts and seeds, are now quite trendy in the world of juicing. They are equally beneficial and nutrient-dense. Sometimes, they even offer much more benefits than a single fruit. But, there are also times that they can be too complicated. This is why some individuals would prefer to go back to the basics – fruit juices.

All fruits can be utilized in juicing. Even so, it is worth noting that nutrients and vitamins do not come in equal in every fruit. So, if you want to get the best out of your juicing, you may want to learn more about the best fruits of today for juicing.

5 Best Fruits For Juicing

Here are the five best fruits that you may want to use for your daily juicing. Along with it, we’ve also included the benefits of each, so you may understand why your body will benefit from it.

Watermelon Juice

Helps You Hydrate 

Watermelon is a fruit that is 90 percent water, which makes it best for hydration. Many specialists and nutritionists recommend watermelon juices, especially during the summer.

Ideal Diet for Weight Loss 

Whether aiming for a significant loss in weight or building your muscles, watermelon is ideal when you are working out. Thanks to its citrulline contents, it helps reduce muscles sores and decrease inflammation. So, you will no longer need to have an online phentermine prescription since watermelons can already help you in this concern.

Anti-Aging Agent 

It contains antioxidants that are very helpful in eliminating the risks of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Not to mention, the antioxidants slow the process of aging.

Can Improve Digestion 

If you are having problems with your digestive tract, a glass of watermelon juice per day can resolve this concern for you. It is worth noting that water keeps your digestion healthy and effective. So, aside from hydrating your body internally, it also improves your digestive system.

Orange Juice

May Help Prevent Kidney Stones 

Too much concentration of chemicals and minerals from your daily consumptions of food may lead to the formation of kidney stones. And you will not want to have this as it can impact your overall health and wellness.

Luckily, a glass of orange juice per day offers enough citrate that can prevent this disorder.

Maintains the Blood Pressure Levels 

Orange juice has high amounts of magnesium. And you will need this if you want to manage and maintain your blood pressure levels. This is why patients who have disturbed blood pressure levels are almost always recommended to drink a glass of orange juice per day. Keep in mind though that you can only obtain this benefit from freshly juiced oranges.

Makes the Skin Beautiful & Young Looking 

The antioxidants found in oranges help make your skin look young, revitalized, and healthy. With the help of vitamin C, it further extends its benefits.

Promotes the Immune System

It’s common knowledge that citrus fruits are high in vitamin C. And vitamin C is essential for your immune system. You will need to strengthen your immune system so that you can protect yourself from virus and bacteria that cause diseases and illnesses.

Apple Juice

Cleanses Liver

Apples, in general, are healthy. Its alkalinity is very helpful in cleansing the liver. You will want to have a clean and healthy liver so that your body can effectively eliminate waste. And aside from cleansing your liver, apple juice can also balance the pH levels of your body as per Dr. Kojian.

Makes the Bones Strong & Healthy 

Alongside cleansing your liver, your bones can also obtain benefits from apples. Thanks to its iron and boron contents, these can help you keep your bones and bone structure healthy and strong.

Improves Eye Health 

Vitamin A is the one that you will need to improve and maintain the optimum condition of your eyes. And apples have significant amounts of vitamin A, which makes its juice and flesh beneficial to your eye health.

Reduces Cholesterol

If you have concerns with your cholesterol levels, consuming an apple or a glass of apple juice per day can help you reduce your cholesterol. And this is important if you want to stay away from various cardiovascular conditions.

Blueberry Juice

Boost Brain Health

Oxidative stress and free radicals are some of the reasons why brain health declines. But thanks to the antioxidants found in blueberries and its juices, the apparent decline can be countered and even improve the overall condition.

Can Help Maintain Brain Function and Improve Memory 

In parallelism to brain health, brain and cognitive functions can also be improved when consuming blueberries regularly. It has been found that cognitive impairment can be essentially delayed for about two to three years when you consume blueberries.

Reduce DNA Damage, Which May Help Protect Against Aging and Cancer 

Blueberries are popular for their high-antioxidant property. This is why many nutritionists recommend the consumption of berries like this one.

Aside from reducing the process of aging, it can also reduce DNA damage. Recent studies show that about 20 percent have been reduced in the risks after drinking apple juice in four weeks.

Prevent Heart Disease 

Hypertension is one of the things that blueberries can resolve. This is why specialists are convinced that it can also resolve different kinds of cardiovascular concerns.

Pomegranate Juice

Alzheimer’s Disease Protection 

Similar to berries, pomegranates are high in antioxidants. And this is why it is ideal for Alzheimer’s disease care and management. It has been found that the antioxidants help stall the progressive nature of the disease.

Contain Two Plant Compounds With Powerful Medicinal Properties 

Punicalagins and Punicic acid are the two plant compounds found in pomegranates. These compounds are found to be the responsible ones as to why the fruit is very powerful and beneficial to human health. 

Punicalagins are potent antioxidants that are proven to be three times stronger than the ones found in green tea and red wine. And they are mostly found in the juice and peel of the fruit. As for the Punicic acid, it is found in the seed oil of pomegranates.

Useful Against Breast Cancer 

Pomegranates are found to help fight against cancer cells. The most apparent study that has been done recently is when the juice of the fruit has been utilized to stop the growth of cancer cells. Although it primarily centered on prostate cancer, recent research suggests that it can also be used against other types of cancer cells.

Help Fight Bacterial and Fungal Infections

The overall compounds of pomegranates are proven to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It has been utilized to fight against yeast infection and common mouth and gum diseases.

All in all, these are the five best fruits for juicing. And if you want to obtain the essential benefits of these fruits, ensure that you will be consuming the juices in its purest and freshest form. Avoid adding any other substance like milk and sugar as it will only cancel out the benefits that these fruits offer.