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How to Secure Your Garden Shed?

A lot of gardens will contain a garden shed, as this is the perfect place for people to store all their gardening equipment, plus any outdoor furniture they have and just general storage. This makes your garden shed a common target for thieves and vandals, as you are housing expensive items in them. 

Your garden shed is often a lot less secure than your house, and the tools inside your shed can help burglars break into your own home as well. So, it’s even more important than people realise to secure your shed, otherwise your shed and your home might be robbed if you aren’t careful. Keep on reading for some tips on how you can secure your garden shed.

Choose the Location Carefully

If you are planning on getting a garden shed, then you need to make sure that you get the right one for you. There is a lot of thought that needs to go into choosing the right wooden shed, however, even when you get the shed you want, it doesn’t just stop there. You must make sure that you pick the location carefully as well. As this can help keep your shed safe, particularly if people can’t see it.

If you place your shed too close to the road, then people will be able to see it from the street. You’ve basically just put a massive sign on your house saying that you have equipment that might be easily stolen. However, you don’t want to put it so that it is far from the house, as you won’t be able to see if it is being targeted by a thief. So, your best bet is to place it close to your house, as you can keep your eye on it. 

Improve the Lock and Install an Alarm

Obviously, you cannot keep your eye on your garden shed 24/7, so the next thing that you need to make sure that you sort out straight away is improving the lock and installing an alarm. The lock that your shed comes with will be basic and thieves will be able to pick it easily. A hasp and a strong padlock will be a more secure way of locking your shed.

The next thing that you will need to install is an alarm though, just in case they manage to bypass your shed doors. If your shed contains a lot of valuable equipment, then of course you will want to alarm it. An alarm will scare them off and will make you aware that something is going on. You could place a motion sensor in the corner of the shed, and even a door sensor, so that your shed will easily pick up if there is an intruder. This will just give all your equipment that extra layer of protection.

Obscure Windows

Talking of layers, if your shed has windows, then you will want to cover them up. If you use your shed purely for storage then you can easily block them up, making sure that no one can see what you have inside them. If you don’t block them up, then thieves will be able to see what you have and see if it is worthwhile trying to steal. 

Windows are also a weak point of any building, so if you are getting a new shed, then it would be better to get one without any windows, as thieves might use them to gain access into your shed. These are only a few things that can help you secure your shed; however, they will be able to help you out. For a little bit of extra guidance, why not check out this article here about how to find the best location for your garden shed