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How to Clear out for the New Year

You might be looking forward to the festive season, the frost on the ground in the mornings, the twinkling of Christmas fairy lights and the smell of cinnamon and spices. But even if that’s the case, the idea of your house getting filled up with more and more things, finding increasingly new and inventive storage solutions, and doing yet another run to the tip is probably less appealing. If you don’t want to spend the beginning of 2020 wading through your kids’ new possessions, read on for some tips on how to ready your home and have a pre-Christmas clear out.

Don’t be Part of the Problem

Although the image of a glittering Christmas tree, gifts piled high beneath it, is iconic at this time of year, try thinking outside the box when it comes to gift-giving this Christmas. Rather than adding to piles of things, have you considered purchasing an experience for the children in your life this Christmas? A quick Google search with unearth lots of experience days that you and your family can all go to and enjoy. This is something that you’ll have the memories of forever, rather than a toy that they might well have outgrown in just a few months.

Don’t Hold onto Things

Still stockpiling the presents from last year? Or have there been birthdays with unwanted or duplicate toys? Rather than letting them gather dust in your loft or cupboard, instead why not look online for a gift appeal. There are lots from large, recognisable charities, but you should also be able to find some locally which will support places near you. Try your local church or community centre to see if they are collecting for an appeal in your local area and don’t let things go to waste.

Isolate Clutter Zones to Deal With

Though it might be tempting to set aside a weekend with a plan to declutter your whole house, you’ll quickly find that this is an unrealistic goal. Not only is it tiring, but you’ll also get decision-fatigue, when you get tired of deciding what you really need or want, and what can go. If you’re looking at a big area, garage or loft for example, it’s worth hiring someone who can help you with rubbish removal. Not only will this stop you leaving larger items for ‘another day’ (which somehow never turns out to be today), but the pressure of knowing when the removal will turn up can motivate you to get on with the de-cluttering.

Get Everyone in on the Action

Talk to your kids about charity shops and recycling. It might seem silly, but children these days are very clued into environmental issues and interested in helping to reduce waste. If you can sit down with them and explain about the different types of recycling, as well as picking a charity shop (or shops) that has a cause your kids care about, or think is important, they’ll be far more motivated to get involved in the clear-out.

Clearing out can be a touchy subject. It seems so effortless for some people, while others feel like we are constantly fighting a losing battle against a mountain of stuff. Wherever you stand, the festive period and the New Year is a great time to think about how the things you’re holding onto for no reason can help and bring joy to those in need. And the plus side is you might regain a cupboard or two.