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7 Monthly Maintenance Tips for Your Garage Door

The garage is one of the sections of the home that many people forget about when carrying out home improvement. Garage maintenance not only improves your home’s aesthetics but also the safety of people at your home. The garage door is, especially, the part you need to care for to improve the safety and security of your home.

This guide will unveil seven maintenance tips to help you ensure that your home garage door stays secure, durable, and functional. These maintenance practices only need to be carried out once per month, and, so, it will be an easy task to accomplish them whenever necessary.

These are the seven things you should do each month when caring for your home garage door.

1. Clean Your Garage Door

Your garage door requires cleaning to prevent it from getting rusty. You need to wipe it and get rid of any dust, particles, and any form of dirt. After cleaning, polish your garage door to keep off water from the atmosphere from reacting with the metal.

Cleaning also entails removing particles on the way for effective sliding of the door when closing and opening. Dust accumulation can prevent your door from fully functioning as you expect. Ensure that you clean the rails and oil them as well. Painting is also a good practice to keep your door glossy.

2. Lubricate the Moving Parts

Door hinges, rollers, and all door moving parts need occasional maintenance to ensure that they are working efficiently. Using the recommended lubricants will help to keep your garage door operational and prevent them from wearing out due to friction.

The type of lubricant you need for a garage door depends on the type of door you have. Some may need solid grease while others work fine with engine oil.

3. Test Your Garage Door Balance

Your home garage door moves many times in a day, and it needs balance and stability to endure long-term usage. A door that is not well-balanced is easy to break or malfunction. This can pose a safety hazard to people who work or maintain the place.

You should troubleshoot the balance at least once a month to ensure that it is still stable. Listen to funny or cracking sounds when closing or opening it. You can as well try to manually move the door, and, if you discover there is difficulty in moving it, then know there is a problem. You need the services of a company that repair a garage door to fix it up for you. Earlier fixing will save you from a replacement of a wrecked garage door.

4. Test the Reversing Mechanism

The reversing mechanism on a garage door is meant to prevent harm to anyone when it is closing. It also prevents damage to the door when there are any obstacles in its way. You have to ensure that it is working all the time.

To test if the reverse mechanism is still working, put a small plank of wood on the way of the door and close it with the remote or automatic switch. When it gets close to the wood, it should stop and open. If it forces itself, then the system is broke. You need to call a garage door technician to fix it.

5. Check and Tighten All Nuts and Bolts

A garage door is a heavy machine with several movements in a month. As the door moves, to open and close, the weight may cause some of its parts to unscrew and loosen. It is adequate to check all the joints to ensure that your garage door is firmly fastened. Tighten all bolts that might be loose. With occasional fixes, you will maintain the door in its stable conditions for a long time. In case you discover a broken, bent, or damaged bolt, make it haste to buy a new one for replacement.

6. Replace any Worn-out Rollers

Due to the immense weight that they have to carry, the rollers on your garage door are in constant and high friction. It is easy for them to wear out quickly. Greasing or using an ideal lubricant will keep the rollers smooth and operational for long enough.

However, it is inevitable for some of them to get damaged, broken, or worn off. When this happens, the door will become inefficient. Inspect your rollers and hinges occasionally, and replace the old worn-out ones.

7. Check and Adjust or Replace the Lift Cables

The garage door lift cables can easily wear out. The strands start cutting because of weight and friction. At least once a month, you need to inspect them to identify any damages and replace them. The most common place where these cables wear is near the bottom roller bracket.

The cable, along with the springs are on constant tension. It is advisable to get the hand of an expert when adjusting or replacing these parts as they are delicate in handling.

To Sum it Up

Garage door maintenance is necessary. Some of the tasks are easy to carry out by yourself. However, some of the technical aspects require expert garage door maintenance and repair firms to ensure that you are safe. But you still need to check the door occasionally to identify any parts that need fixing. If you need a garage door fitting then check out garage door installation Lake County,IL.

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