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4 Simple Ways To Save Money On Your House Move

If the new year is going to mean a new home for you, you’ll no doubt be trying to save money. Buying a new home is a worthwhile but undoubtedly expensive process, and the act of moving itself can be costly with conveyancing fees, removal costs and perhaps even upgrades to the new property to pay for in a short space of time. But there are ways to save money when you’re in the process of moving house – so you can make some smart decisions and move into your new home in 2020 without too many financial headaches.

Compare Removals Services 

The first priority is getting your belongings into the new house safely. Depending on how much stuff you have and how far away your new you’d is, you make be able to hire a van, find cheap van insurance and rope in some friends and family to get the move done yourself. If not, then you can compare prices with removals firms to get it done professionally. Remember to go for a firm who come recommended and that are fully insured. 

Choose Your Moment

If you’re scheduled to move early in the new year then you could be in luck. Depending on the time of year you’re going to be moving house you can save a lot of money. The summer months always tend to be more popular due to the lighter evenings, but this means that removals firms put up their prices due to increased demand. So if you can get your move finalised for the first quarter of 2020 it may well end up costing you less – there is definitely such a thing as the best time of year to move house! The same rings true for the day of the week that you choose to move. Most people opt for a Friday or Saturday, but if you can arrange to move on a Sunday you can make savings. 

Get The Best Deals On Utilities

A new home means new utility providers, and that’s another chance to make a saving. Use a price comparison site to compare deals and make sure you’re getting the best prices possible – and don’t be afraid to haggle with your energy provider to bag the best deal. The same goes for your broadband and other essential services. Also make sure to check your previous accounts as you may be in credit with your old provider as well. 

Get Into Upcycling

If your new home is bigger and you need a lot of furniture at once, that can be a serious expense. So why not try upcycling rather than splashing out on all new pieces? Sites like Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace can be a treasure trove of free and low cost items. You can put a personal touch on these by painting or reupholstering furniture and replacing the handles for a new look. This gives your new home a really unique look as well as being kinder to both the planet and your wallet.