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The Benefits of School Trips

School trips are a great way to extend learning outside of the classroom. Schools trips can start as early as nursery, with something simple like a bug hunt in a local park.

As children get older, school trips usually become bigger and better, taking students to many exciting destinations around the world. These trips are arranged to support all kinds of subjects, such as geography, history and science, as well as languages.

There are many benefits associated with school trips. They not only provide fun learning opportunities, but they also help to develop a number of academic and personal skills. 

Hampstead Hill School believes that school trips are an important part of children’s education and here are some more reasons why…

  • Educational trips allow children to immerse themselves in a particular topic in a multi-sensory way, which is not only more fun, but it is also more memorable. For example, it is one thing to read about a historic event, but to actually stand in the exact spot the event happened is quite a different learning experience.
  • For older students there are often opportunities to experience trips abroad, which help to support personal development, as well as enhance a number of academic skills. For example, a trip to Paris can be very beneficial to children learning French at school. This is because it allows children to fully immerse in the French language, food and culture. 
  • Travelling with classmates can help to make a school trip feel a lot more fun and exciting. Educational trips encourage the development of social, personal and study skills and can help students to build confidence and become more independent.
  • School trips can be used as an incentive for students. Teachers and parents can use the prospect of a school tripto encourage good behaviour and hard work.
  • Relationships between teachers and students often strengthen during school trips. This is due to spending more social time together. This can help students to show more respect for their teachers and improve the overall behaviour of a class.