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Smart ideas to make a small bedroom stylish

Having a small bedroom restricting your decor options? With careful planning and some practical ideas, you can easily increase the potential of your small bedroom. Try blending some practical storage solutions with smart interior design ideas. The outcome will be a stylish, looking small bedroom. Have a look at the following ideas to turn a small space into an enviable bedroom: 

1. Minimalism is best for small bedroom

For a modern bedroom design, you need to follow a minimalist approach. Choose a neutral colour palette, as light tones help in making a small space appear more prominent. The soft neutrals also add slight warmth and an inviting atmosphere to any given area. Also, consider symmetry when decorating a small bedroom. It’s best to use duplicated colours for creating a visual balance into a room while adding some definition to the interior. 

2. Add minimal details

Having a neutral bedroom doesn’t mean that it appears dull or blank. You can try adding a specific decorative touch to the interior for creating a small livery bedroom. Consider adding decorative motifs or livery plants into the corners or new windows. 

Also, combine the neutral flooring with elegant white walls with delicate floral touch or minimal wall accessories to give it a chic appearance. Even keep the furniture in a similar colour tone for minimal yet stylish design. 

3. Install a sliding door wardrobe

If there is little space to move into a bedroom and you have many clothes to store, it’s best to choose a sliding door wardrobe. This wardrobe style has a full-height rail on its one side to easily open and close the closet door without occupying much space. Such wardrobes also have plenty of drawers and shelves to store maximum clothes and other accessories. 

4. Multipurpose Furniture

For a small bedroom design London, it’s best to incorporate multipurpose furniture. For instance, you can consider a bed that transforms into a sofa and also has multiple storage drawers on its sides. A custom bed with storage space or a pull-down bed is another good option for such bedrooms. Even the surrounding furniture like a chair, side table, etc. must be lightweight and easy to move around.

5. Functional layout

Any small bedroom design must have a functional layout with adequate storage space. In small space, incorporate floating shelves or high-storage options to give a streamlined and spacious feel to the given space. Such design is also beneficial in accommodating all your personal belongings without making the area appear cluttered. 

6. Repeat a single motif

When decorating a small room, it’s ideal for keeping the room pared with picking a unique theme and run with it. For instance, if you choose a heart motif, you may select it in two or more forms (like accessories, artwork and soft furnishings) in varied scales and cohesive schemes to free up space with any clutter or confusion. Also, try to restrict the colour of the motif and accessories as per the one particular theme or colour tone. This will add depth to a room without going overboard with decoration elements. 

7. Add a striking feature wall

You can create a stunning feature wall to create modern bedroom designs. You can go bold with the colour of a feature wall or choose impressive wall art for that specific wall to draw all the attention. You may select a restricted colour palette for furniture and bed linen so that all the focus is laid on the feature wall. Let the wall do the talking while keeping the rest of the elements subtle. 

8. Add unique pattern

There is no need to be afraid of adding a pattern to your small bedroom. You may pick a design, such as polka dots or floral patterns, for soft furnishings or walls. This will also add a well-controlled yet smart decorating touch to the given space. However, you must select sleek furniture with smart storage, such as a blanket box at the end of bed or bedside cabinets above tables. 

Specific layout, right colour scheme and functional furniture units are essentials for small bedroom designs. Just follow the mentioned tricks and correct design elements to create a stylish, small bedroom.