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Caring for Your Puppy from 8 Weeks Old

Bringing your beautiful new puppy home at just 8 weeks old is such an exciting yet daunting process. With so much to look forward too, it’s always so exciting bringing your puppy home, being able to play with them and cuddle them to your hearts content. With this in mind, it’s also quite scary knowing that you’re now responsible for a puppy of just 8 weeks old! With the right advice, products and training, you can give your puppy the very best start to life and help them grow into a happy and healthy dog.

Bringing Your Puppy Home

When the time comes to bring your puppy home, there are a number of things to keep in mind to ensure things run smoothly. Whilst your puppy isn’t going to be fully vaccinated at this stage, you can still take them outside (holding them) and introduce them to people and new smells. This is essential in ensuring your puppy is used to socialising and meeting new people, as you want them to be confident and happy around lots of people as they grow older. Similarly, you want to get them used to going out for trips in the car, as the time will come when you need to take them to the groomer, or the vets and they’ll need to be comfortable travelling in the car. 

Puppy Training

Once your puppy is allowed to go outside and walk around, as well as play with other dogs, you can look at taking them to puppy training classes. In the meantime, before they reach this stage you can teach them certain training tricks in the comfort of your own home. From the obvious commands like sit, stay and lie down, to other commands like down and fetch you can have some great fun teaching them new things. Stock up on some essential dog treats and toys like the products in this range, to ensure you have plenty of things to reward your puppy with when they do as they’re told or show good behaviour. 

Home Comforts

Just like humans, puppies and dogs like to have their home comforts to keep them settled and content. From a cosy dog bed to their favourite toy, you need to fill the house with a few essential items to help create a warm and safe environment for your puppy. Once your puppy is settled and they feel at home, you’ll notice which toys and blankets make them feel safe, as they’ll probably carry them around the house for the rest of their lives! Make sure your puppy has plenty of space and comfort to help them relax and wind down, as this will help to settle their behaviour quickly too. 

Prepare Them for Alone Time

Puppies aren’t used to being on their own, as once they’re born, they are with their mother and other pups until they come home with you. It’s important to prepare your puppy for any alone time they may have, to prevent them from becoming stressed or scared. To help encourage them to stay calm and relaxed whilst you’re out, try leaving them for short periods of time to begin with, leaving them with a treat and their favourite toy. As time goes on you can start to leave them for slightly longer and see how they behave. It’s important not to leave your dogs for long periods of time, however, as they will need frequent walks and attention.