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Open-Plan Living Ideas for a Family Space

When designing an open-plan living space, you want it to feel warm, welcoming and homely, whilst still capturing a fresh and open feel. Open-plan living has become extremely popular within many homes, as not only does it give you much more space to work with, but it’s much more sociable. From kitchen/dining room to living areas, the following tips will help you to achieve a warm and welcoming family environment that’s open-plan and stylish. Of you are currently in the process of moving house, why not check out this Oxford moving company.

Use Textures to Create Zones

One of the most important features to open-plan living is having different zones. Whilst you don’t want to completely section certain areas off, you want to have a clear layout within the space. For the living room, you can introduce a couple of stylish sofas with bold scatter cushions and a cosy throw. This will instantly create a zone within the room, giving you a space to sit, relax and wind down. Similarly, you may want to include a dining table at the other end of the room, to create a space for working, dining and entertaining. With these two different furniture pieces and textures, you suddenly have a soft, relaxing space and a fresh, captivating area combined into one room. 

Introduce Levels and Partitions

By dividing your open-plan living areas with partitions, you can add more storage space to the room without having to introduce additional furniture pieces, ultimately helping save space at the same time. Partitions can be used for all kinds of different things, from showcasing family photographs, displaying books, storing logs for the fire as shown in this article and so on. This kind of addition is also ideal for creating zones as mentioned above, without adding full walls in to create different rooms. Shelving is another great way of adding levels to your interiors. Having different shelving levels helps to utilise the wall space, without taking from the space within the room. 

Add the Right Colours

The overall goal with open-plan family spaces within the home is to create a warm and welcoming, homely feel. By incorporating the right colours into the décor, you can ensure you have an inviting atmosphere that makes you feel right at home. Cream is a great colour to use for the walls within open living spaces. Not only does the colour cream have a softer aesthetic to white, but it’s also ideal for creating a fresh, spacious feel without making the space feel cold or uncomfortable. If you’re unsure on which colours are the best choice for your interiors, take a look at this Colour Consultancy service to help you make the right decision for your open-plan family space.

Family-Friendly Furniture

In order to create the perfect open-plan family living space, your furniture needs to be accommodating and work for the whole family. From a stylish L-shaped sofa, to enough seats around the dining table, you want to ensure there’s enough room for your whole family to enjoy this part of your home. There are so many unique furniture pieces available on the market that are designed to create that perfect family environment, with child-friendly materials and so on.

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