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Keep your family safe while driving – 6 tips that help

Everything changed in that one instant of time. It was not even a second; it was a millisecond in which John took his eyes away from the road, and the car went off the road by hitting a speed bump….

Since the car was on the highway so the speed was maximum, and the car falls down the hill in an instant. 

I know you might have seen something similar in movies, but this happened with my friend, who lost his 7-year-old son in the accident. 

Some people don’t even worry about road safety anymore. No matter where you are driving, in the city or the highway road, you must stay awake and attentive at all times. Even a small mistake can lead you or your loved ones in danger.

My friend knows the feeling of losing someone, which is why he passed-on these road safety tips to everyone in his neighborhood.

Here are six handy tips that can prevent you from any sudden accidents.

1. Know the Safety Braking Distance

Unless you are Keanu Reeves traveling with Sandra Bullock in a rigged car, you cannot drive and stop the vehicle at the perfect time. Because these things happen only in movies. 

In reality, it takes 40% longer for an 18-wheeler to stop before they hit any car completely. In short, the bigger the rig, the longer it will take to stop the vehicle. 

For novice drivers who can quickly drive smaller cars, it is difficult to travel a bigger car and know the braking distance of large commercial vehicles, which is why you must drive the truck or a jeep before you take it for a family trip. A well-maintained car will make it easy to brake instantly without meeting an accident.

2. Avoid Distractions 

Do you know that according to a report by National Highway traffic safety, 90% of the accidents occur due to delayed reactions of the driver?

On the road, you need to respond fast so that you don’t get anyone in danger. 

You must stay vigilant on the road; be aware of everything around you and don’t play with the radio, don’t text and drive, regardless of the vehicle you are driving. If you are behind a large vehicle, the best advice I can give you is, take over the car and move forward because right now, you are on the blind spot, and anything can happen in that blind spot. 

If you get distracted even by texting, smoking, or using your mobile, it can cost you a lot more than just a car accident. It will help if you try to maximize the road safety of your family on the road.

3. Be Careful of the road signs 

When you are blindfolded by a large vehicle, the only hope you have is the road signs which can guide you regarding the speed limit and the road rules in the area. 

The road signs are there to make drivers aware of what is coming next on the road. Be fully aware of the meaning of the road signs. If you are driving in a new state or a country, ensure that you familiarize yourself with the necessary road signs. 

You don’t want to cross a speed limit unintentionally. Moreover, if you ignore a deep curve sign on the road, it might get you in trouble, and it will be impossible to maneuver on the turn. 

The sharp turns, uneven surfaces, and even the construction hazards are essential, and you will know them by road signs. A reasonable winter park car accident attorney can help you ease with the car accident claim.

4. Avoid Hard Braking Unless you are Superman

Before every road trip, car servicing is vital. A hard car brake or even acceleration can get your car out of control. 

While driving on highway car accidents happen when people try hard braking without giving out any warning. If there is a hurdle on the road, avoid hard braking first, and after checking the side, the mirror try to shift the lane and keep up the speed of your vehicle. 

Accidents mostly occur due to hard braking, hard cornering, or even excessive acceleration on busy roads.

5. Buckle Up!!

According to Edgersnyder.com, an estimated 15,000 lives were saved in the year 2017 just by wearing seatbelts.

When you buckle up, it reduces your chances of gettinginjured when you get into an accident. 

Usually, people wear seatbelts. But frequently, they forget to wear a seatbelt when going on a short trip. 

Whether you are going for an extended family trip or you are going to a nearby store to buy milk for your kid, always wear a seatbelt so that there is no chance to injure yourself in an accident.

6. Respond safely to tailgaters

My father always used to say, “When you are driving on the road, you are not driving one car, you are driving four cars that are around you.”

This means that when you are driving a car, it is your responsibility to protect the car from every direction. 

If someone is too close to you, add some space between you and them. This will prepare you for any collision. 

When a car comes nearby from the back, decrease your speed, indicate that you are giving them a car, and move on the right lane to give tailgater a pass. At any cost, don’t hit the brakes. 

You are not alone on the road, which is why it is necessary to accompany everyone else driving on the road.

7. Fight back

If someone has unfortunately made you crash into them, then you should always have a plan for what to do. You should tell your family to check for cuts, bruises and breaks first of all. Then one by one climb out of the car and do not communicate with the other driver and occupants. You should listen to what Solicitors say and just focus on collecting evidence. Photos, videos and eyewitness testimonies can all be used to help win compensation so you can at least pay for the time off work and or medical needs. 

To sum it up

Whether you are preparing for a long road trip or you are just going to buy groceries, you must not drive drunk and without wearing a seatbelt. 

For a long road trip, it’s essential that you check the safety of the car and analyze if you find anything unusual about it. Don’t take any chances. It is your family, so you cannot afford to risk anyone. 

The best advice is to get your car thoroughly checked before you go on a road trip. There might be things that you cannot point out, and the mechanic can do it for you.