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It’s Never too Early to Plan the Perfect Outdoor Entertainment Area

If you own a backyard, you should use its full potential not only to relax but to have fun as well. In fact, it’s never too early to plan the perfect outdoor entertainment area. You are going to build various forms of entertainment, from sports to leisure activities. In order to max out the fun, you should meticulously plan in advance which improvements you will make and where they will sit.

Taking care of landscaping

Before you are ready to start building courts and pools, you should take care of landscaping. The yard should be green as possible and the best way to achieve this since you won’t room for a vegetable garden is a lawn. They require maintenance but if you lack the time, you can always use synthetic grass.

As far as the outer perimeter of your property is concerned, plant shrubs and trees for safety and privacy reasons. Once the thujas fully grow, your entertainment center will be hidden away from and the green wall will protect it against dust and noise pollution generated by traffic.

The plants you introduce in the backyard should be native to the region due to maintenance reasons. These plants will be able to handle extreme temperatures easily, without the need for special or extra maintenance. The last thing you need is for your provisional garden to become a water guzzler.

Bringing the kitchen outside

If you’re thinking that the backyard can serve as a venue for parties, then you need an outdoor kitchen. Building one is less complicated than you think, as all you need is a water and power source to connect the kitchen to. You could even go a step further and install one of these outdoor pizza ovens from DeliVita as a great addition to your outdoor kitchen area. 

After a while, the kitchen will become the hotspot of the backyard since everyone will visit it to grab a bite to eat. As the host, an outdoor kitchen allows you to stay outside with your guests while the barbecue is being prepared, for instance. If you ever decide to sell your home, prospective owners will be thrilled by the fact that there is a functional outdoor kitchen.

Building a sports venue: A tennis court

The list of sports fields you can enjoy playing in your backyard is endless but we recommend building a tennis court. It is not as expensive as an ice rink but it’s not a simple sport like running.

In order to build a tennis court, you’ll need to allocate a flat area in your yard. Chose the surface (concrete, clay or grass) and start building. Once the court itself is built, add LED tennis court lighting and fence off the venue using a wire mesh fence to prevent the balls from flying all over the neighborhood.

Ease of access

Once entertainment units start popping around the yard, you should look to connect them, providing easy access to all venues. This is savvied through a network of pathways that crisscross the backyard. They can be paved with concrete slabs or lay bricks and possibly have a floral border. There should be a path leading inside the house and one that connects the entertainment area with the back gate of the fence.

Various water features

If you have a sufficient budget, you can build an Olympic-sized swimming pool which will serve as the focal point of your entertainment area. However, there are other water features that will result in hours of fun.

A splash pad might be especially interesting for kids. They will run happily around the nozzles in summer. As far as ambient design is concerned, a water fountain would be a nice addition to the backyard. Like with the outdoor kitchen, all you really need is a water source, as these fountains can be bought ready-made at a garden center.

Add a sitting area

Sports are fun but you have to rest from chasing a ball now and then. No entertainment area is complete without the addition of a sitting area. Now, outdoor furniture is different from the one you have in the living room or the dining room in the sense that it’s exposed to the elements.

That’s why the garden set should be made from plastic, enabling it to stay outside during the winter months. Furthermore, you can add benches along pathways. The final touch would be the addition of cushions that will beautify the entertainment area when the weather is fine. 

Check the local legislation

If you building one or more entertainment features you should first check if you need any permits. It would be a shame that you’d have to demolish something just because you forgot to run your idea by the local council. Therefore, first, get all the permits necessary and then start building and landscaping.

Although it requires a lot of planning, it’s really never too early to play for an outdoor entertainment area. Not only will you have fun and practice your sports skills but your health will benefit from spending time outside and staying physically active. Owning a backyard is a blessing so why not use it to the fullest.