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How to Clean a Carpet: Super easy carpet cleaning tips

All carpets and rugs require proper care and attention, quite often. Regular upkeep of your carpet will assist in deep-cleaning the same quickly. All types of carpets require weekly vacuuming, especially in dirt-prone areas. The whole action will make your favorite carpet more durable. Irrespective of stubborn coffee stains on the light-hued carpet, color marks by children at home, or pet hair – many homemakers avoid the effort of cleaning the carpet. But then, it results negatively on them. Carpet cleaning does not have to be a big hassle in recent times. Whether you are looking for Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne professionals to remove a particularly stubborn stain or tips to help with pet hair removal, you will want to read the rundown of all the necessary actions you are to incorporate to clean them. The quick and easy guidelines below highlight the best way to clean carpet and are a rewarding aide for the removal of stubborn stains, dirt, and putrid odors.

Carpet cleaning tools check-list

To easily clean your carpet, you are to procure specific cleaning tools. They are:

  • Powerful vacuum machine
  • Sponge
  • Steam-cleaner 

Carpet cleaning material check-list

Always be at ease while cleaning your carpet. Plan earlier to avoid last-minute confusion. Thus, keep this check-list of the carpet cleaning material handy fora quick reference. The list follows:

  • Carpet cleaning solution
  • Paper rolls or toilet paper roll
  • Spot treatment solutions
  • Vacuuming filters
  • Suction nozzles for hoovers

Carpet cleaning super easy tips

Clean the hidden or small areas initially

If you are a first-timer in cleaning your carpet, try your hands on the small regions in a row. Initiate your carpet cleaning with the unknown or small spaces. It will prevent any recurrence of dirt accumulation, right after the cleaning. Go for a thorough check-up, once you are through with the cleaning process. It will ensure that none of the carpet’s portion is left dirty.

Be regular in washing your carpet

Be consistent in washing your carpet. Avoid long gaps between the washes. You may want to consider professional hot carbonating extraction cleaning, which is thought to be better than traditional steam cleaning, and carpets dry in just 1 to 2 hours. Plan to clean your carpet after vacuuming it. It will help in removing dirt and grime fast. Even after you vacuum the carpet regularly, a considerable amount of dust remains trapped inside the carpet fibers. These are hence hard to remove with a hoovering machine. Remove all this hidden dirt properly by soaking it in a carpet solution. There are many agencies, commonly known as carpet cleaning specials readily available to help you better in this process. Mostly the carpet cleaning specials are meant for residential purposes. You can always schedule your carpet cleaning with one of these agencies.

Start cleaning from one far-end corner 

Initiate your carpet cleaning from one particular edge of the door. Mark the place from where you started. Start from one far-end corner of your door, and proceed gradually. Follow this process in perfection and consciously to avoid walking or stepping on the damp areas of the carpet.

Let the carpet dry in natural condition

After cleaning your carpet, let it dry thoroughly. Cater to moisture laid-down situation if your cleaning process involves the effects of heated cleansing. Open all the windows and doors, especially during summer-time. You can also turn on the room heater at the low-mode to keep the place at a moderate temperature to dry-up the carpet.

Avoid over-soaking

Avoid over-soaking the carpet. Never use more than three or four strokes in the wet area. It will ruin the carpet material. Instead, use more of ‘dry’ strokes to clean the stubborn stains or dirt. It might take a bit long, but you will finish your cleaning with steady drying strokes. Continue this process until the area comes clean, and no possibility of soaking-up of water persists.

Go for ‘corner-to-corner’ carpet cleaning 

While cleaning your carpets, ensure cleaning up the nooks and crevices as well. Most of the carpet cleaners come with a ‘corner-to-corner’ cleaning solution. But most of the time, the nooks and crevices remain dirty, as it is always not possible to reach those areas with the primary cleaner. Clean those areas with a water hose-pipe, which will assist in achieving the problematic portions quickly.

Clean liquid spills straight away

Coffee spills are supposedly very harsh ones to remove. Within a short span, the spilled drink will turn into a severe strain. You have to take prompt action in removing these, once it happens. Pour the carpet cleaning solution on the damaged spot, but avoid rubbing! It will let the liquid seep inside the carpet. Wait for some minutes before you gently wash the particular area with lukewarm water.

Use the right quality carpet cleaning solution

Never rely upon the ordinary carpet cleaning solutions or the cheap rated ones. You might want to save some extra money, but that is not an excellent idea. These low-rated carpet cleaning solutions ruin the carpet, in due course. Follow the recommended good quality cleaning solution, religiously to get the best result.

Deep-clean your carpet regularly 

Another mode of cleaning your favorite carpet is to ‘deep clean’ them. The cleaning is done with the aid of a deep-cleaning machine, which vanishes the debris and dirt in seconds. This whole process is well-known as deep-cleansing. Deep clean your carpet every six months to avoid settling of severe stains and dirt – you could even get a professional carpet cleaning service like Chem-Dry of Omaha out to do this for you so that you can be confident that the job will be done well.

Vacuum carpet before washing

To make the carpet cleaning, a much easier process, vacuum the surface thoroughly, especially if you are cleaning your carpet after a long time. Vacuuming the surface will take out most of the dust particles and hair strands, and make your cleaning process more comfortable. Later wash the carpet to get the best result.

Be a gainer in the long run

Your carpets accentuate your house décor. You can highlight a particular area of your living space with the aid of designer carpets. But they come with various disadvantages also. While having a drink, it can always spill accidentally on the carpet. And, if not treated with immediate effect, these all turn into a stubborn stain. Besides, if you have pets, the pet hair makes the carpet look clumsy after a while. You should be aware of the cleaning techniques to make your desired carpet look new. The above tips and tricks will always be your guiding light while maintaining your carpets. Be a careful homemaker, and keep all these tips handy to be a gainer in the long run!

Alternatively, if you are looking for some assistance, there are plenty of companies that will help you out. To look for a company in your local area, use Google to perform a search such as ‘carpet cleaning Wimbledon’!