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Having a Career & Parenting Together Is Now Achievable for Many Professional People

If you’re worried that balancing a career and parenting is going to be impossible, think again. With pioneering companies leading the way, new working patterns are making it viable for working parents to enjoy rewarding and satisfying careers.

For too long, parents have been forced to choose between progressing in their careers and playing an active role in their children’s lives. As employees strive to provide for their families and actually spend time with them, forward-thinking companies are redressing the imbalance.

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Now, you can choose a career and a working environment that prioritises freedom and flexibility. For parents who want to put their families first but still have a rewarding professional role, the following careers may be a great option:

Consultant Solicitor 

After studying for years and honing your legal skills as a trainee and gaining PQE years, you shouldn’t have to choose between your career and parenthood. Whilst traditional law firms may make it seem like that’s the only option, a new style of law firm is on the horizon. 

Forward-thinking law firms, like passionforlaw.com, are giving legal professionals the opportunity to work on their own times. As well as giving consultant solicitors the option to set their own fees and choose their own clients, they also provide full professional support. With a team of admin assistants, paralegals and secretaries to support you, as well as PII, compliance and CPD support, you can progress in your career whilst gaining maximum flexibility. 

Until now, working as a solicitor has been a strictly 9 am to 5 pm role. In reality, of course, this can be nearer to a 7 am to 10 pm role. For parents, trying to juggle such a demanding career with family life has often led to burnout, dissatisfaction and disillusion.

By becoming a consultant solicitor, however, you can reach the top of your profession whilst gaining the freedom you need and deserve. 


Working in the healthcare industry can be extremely demanding. If you operate in the public sector, you’re going to be faced with heavy workloads, rigid working patterns and copious amounts of unpaid overtime. Whilst the private sector can provide slightly better working conditions, there is still an emphasis on the corporate culture and an assumption that you’ll work standard hours. 

However, a career in psychotherapy doesn’t need to follow the traditional framework. When you put a focus on flexibility, you can adopt the same healthy work/life balance you’ll be recommending to your clients. 

As well as choosing your own hours, being a flexible psychotherapist will give you the opportunity to choose your working methods too. Although psychotherapists traditionally met with clients on a face-to-face basis, this is no longer the case. In many instances, clients prefer a more flexible approach to appointments and modern technology allows for a more innovative approach. 

You may choose to offer consultations by phone or over the internet, for example. With video conferencing, you can interact with clients directly despite being continents apart. This means you can deliver the same exceptional standard of care, whilst balancing your own commitments as a working parent. 

Business Development Consultant

As companies strive to beat their competitors, grab a bigger market share and boost their profits, they rely on business development consultants to help them expand. Increasing numbers of enterprises and small businesses have launched in recent years and these organisations now want to take the next step. In order to do so, they require assistance and guidance from experienced business development experts.

As a consultant, you can enjoy the freedom that comes with handpicking your clients and choosing what hours you want to work. If you have a background in a particular sector, for example, you may choose to work with businesses within this industry. Alternatively, if you have a specific interest in one area of business development, you may want to specialise and deliver bespoke guidance to your clients. 

Whatever your experience and your interests, working as a business development consultant can give you to freedom and autonomy you need. As well as offering rewarding career opportunities, you’ll find that working as a consultant gives you the opportunity to prioritise your family life and enjoy the time you spend with your children as they grow up. 

Developing your career

On average, people spend over 40 years of their lives working. If you’re going to devote this amount of time to your career, why not do something you’re passionate about? By pursuing a career in consultancy, you can balance your life as a professional and a parent and get the best of both worlds.