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5 Must-Have Baby Items for First Time Parents

Parenthood is a wonderful period of our lives, but it can be overwhelming and confusing at the same time, especially for new parents. Your friends, other family members and the internet community all offer different pieces of advice on baby must-haves.

So, how do you make the right decision? Well, first of all, there are only a few absolute necessities a newborn needs in essence, there are some things that are nice and helpful to have and there are those that are strictly optional. Basic must-have baby items include a mandatory car seat, a co-sleeper or a bassinet, some sleep basics, a stroller, nursing equipment and changing essentials.

1. An appropriate car seat for safe travel

When it comes to must-have baby items, first on the list is definitely an appropriate car seat. When travelling with a baby in a car, regardless of the distance, you are obliged by the law to safely put your baby and buckle it in a car seat. To ensure safety, this is something you shouldn’t buy in a second-hand shop. 

Many of these new car seats have a carrying handle and they just snap into the base attached to the seat in your car. So, it can actually be a baby carrier as well. It’s always a good idea to choose multiple-purpose items, if possible. It will save you money and space at the same time.

2. A co-sleeper or a bassinet for closely monitoring the baby

Many newborns spend the first few weeks and even months sleeping next to parents or at least in the same room as their parents. However, it’s not always safe and comfortable to have the baby sleep in your bed. But on the other hand, it’s good to keep your baby close to you.

So, some clever people invented a practical and functional thing called a co-sleeper. You can attach a co-sleeper safely to your bed, allowing your baby to be comfortably near you, without obstructing it’s safety and your comfort. At the same time it enables you to take it from the co-sleeper for feeding and safely put it back after the feeding. It makes the baby transfer easy. Another option is a bassinet, which in many cases comes as a part of a play yard or a travel crib. The next step would be letting them sleep in their own room, but that can be scary not just for the baby but also for the parents. What helps in these cases is a baby monitor that fits the parents needs. See here the Working Daddy Baby Monitor Review.

3. Baby sleep basics for safe rest

Related to the topic of co-sleepers and bassinets, there are a few essentials that are important when it comes to safe baby sleep. First, you must avoid putting any pillows and blankets in the baby’s sleeping area, as it can affect the baby’s breathing. Second, too loose clothes can also affect breathing negatively. To assure that your baby sleeps tight and safe, it’s a good idea to invest in the best baby swaddles.

Why are they so efficient? Simply because you can wrap up your baby snugly without the troublesome fasteners, which will enable your baby (and you) to sleep without waking up. The idea of swaddles is to gently keep your baby’s arms down their bodies, bending at the elbows, with material stretchy enough to allow the baby to make some movements.

4. A multiple-purpose stroller for moving around

A stroller is a piece of essential baby equipment necessary for moving around. There are so many kinds available nowadays. You can get one that has an adaptable part for a car seat. So, instead of buying both a car seat and a stroller, consider buying a two-in-one alternative. You save both money and precious space in your car in that way. This kind of stroller is perfect when your baby is small. 

There is even an option for jogging moms: a jogging stroller with three big air-filled wheels to make it easier to push quickly and smoothly down the street, and a safety strap that fits around the jogger’s wrist. When shopping for the perfect stroller, consider money-saving options and combinations that work for you.

5. Proper nursing equipment/bottles and formula

Newborn feeding is a delicate balance of nourishment and bonding, as parents lovingly provide their little ones with the essential nutrients they need to thrive and grow. If you’re a breastfeeding mom, a nursing pillow can be a real lifesaver for your arms and back. It keeps the baby in the optimal position and it allows you, the mom, to be comfy. For additional comfort, you can try a contoured positioner with a clipping strap to hold the pillow in place.

A nursing mom should also have at least two nursing bras and nursing pads. A breast pump is also an option you should consider if somebody else is going to feed the baby. There are so many kinds out there, so try to find the one that’s perfect for you. It is recommended to speak to a lactation consultant to make sure you are
getting the safest products available. Another thing you’ll need is a quality glass or BPA-free plastic bottle. You can choose between the ones breast-mimicking or classic-style nipples, gas-reducing valve technology and disposable liners. And as far as formula-feeding is concerned, you can opt for organic baby food, soy and reflux-reducing formulas in addition to the traditional ones.

As a new parent, everything seems important and necessary. However, it’s not like that in reality – there are only a few things that really matter and you should try focusing on them. Besides these few essentials, all your baby needs is constant attention, proper care and infinite love for happy and healthy growth.