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Why Becoming an Accountant Is a Smart Career Decision

Accounting careers are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons, so in this post, we’re going to explain why it’s such a smart career decision in the current age.

Countless opportunities for growth

A career in accounting has countless growth opportunities. From working in a small accounting firm to being affiliated with the world’s largest tech companies, there’s no ceiling for growth as an accountant.

Transferable skills

Skills in accounting can easily be transferred to other jobs. If you find yourself getting bored with accounting, then you can embark on alternate career paths that still take advantage of your skills and experience.

Excellent job security

As long as other people are making money, you’ll make money. Accounting is a career choice that will always be in need and can easily co-exist with cloud accounting services.

Freelance opportunities

Accounting also offers opportunities for self-employment. Whether you’re a specialist freelance accountant that offers consultations or if you’re involved in bookkeeping with larger corporations, there are plenty of chances for you to build a freelance career with accounting skills.

Specialist accounting knowledge is in high demand

With more and more businesses aiming to become global corporations, it’s important for them to abide by a consistent set of financial rules that enable international accounting possibilities. Below, we’ve included an infographic that talks more about globalization and the future for accounting. It details the role of accounting practices in globalization and why it’s going to be a lucrative and in-demand career choice in the near future.

Infographic: University of Alabama Birmingham Online