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Visit Normandy or the Mont Saint-Michel on your trip to France

All You Can See When Travelling to France

France is one of those destinations where you can’t just go once. If you’ve been there before, chances are you’ll want to return again and again to see more of the amazing places the country is famous for. Here are a few picks for first-time travellers and France aficionados alike!


It is certainly impossible to talk about visiting France without mentioning its capital, so we might as well get it out of the way! The gorgeous city of light truly is something to behold and this metropolis alone couldn’t possibly reveal all it has to offer in just a few days. Our recommendation is to have a French tour operator organise your trip around Paris. This precaution allows you to make sure you’ll have enough time to visit the places you really don’t want to miss. A dedicated tour agency in France will not only know if it’s best to visit the Eiffel Tower before or after the Louvre, but also how to spare you the frustration of having to wait in line. Getting lost in the city confusing underground system won’t be an issue either.


Sometimes described at the Devon of Northern France, Normandy boasts some remarkable landscapes, quaint villages and many famous places filled with history. Whether you enjoy admiring beautiful coastlines, eating delicious cheese and apple dishes, discovering cultural heritage sites or all of the above, it certainly is a delightful place. Even more amazing is how close Normandy is to Paris, which means that if you’re visiting the capital, your French tour operator may offer you a tour in Normandy as well. The remarkable Norman legacy lends such little gems as Honfleur, Barfleur, Etretat, Deauville or Trouville an elegant and charming feel. And if history is one of your passions, don’t miss out on the D-Day Landing Beaches! A historical tour in Normandy will take you to places you could never have guessed were so special.

Mont Saint-Michel

And speaking of your tour in Normandy, another unforgettable place in the area that certainly deserves a section of its own is the famous Mont Saint-Michel. Considered by many as one of the most iconic landmarks in France, the Mont Saint-Michel resembles a storybook village lost at sea. Entirely car-free, this incredible place can be reached by foot if you feel like enjoying a stroll on a beautiful day. Alternatively, take the shuttle from the car park. French tour operators also organise trips to the Mont Saint-Michel and allow you to take advantage of very instructive private tours.

The Mediterranean

While the Channel and its Mont Saint-Michel is something to behold, the French side of the Mediterranean also has much to offer. Whether you’re looking to spend a couple of weeks going from place to place or all your holiday time at a lovely beach destination, it’s a must see. If you are among the former, a tour agency in France could be the best solution. Thanks to their services, you could see more of the French Riviera by visiting Cannes, Monaco, Saint-Tropez and the many places of interest in the vicinity. Nearby Luberon is also a splendid region you won’t soon forget. If you enjoy architectural wonders, Marseille, Nîmes and Montpellier would be ideal too.

The Loire Valley

Perfect for wine lovers who also enjoy magnificent chateaux, the Loire Valley is both picturesque and romantic. French tour operators offer unforgettable trips along the famous wine route for a delightful wine tasting adventure. Home to many of beautiful French villages, the region stretches along the Loire River and boasts some of the most iconic vineyards in the world.

Regardless of which area of France appeals to you the most, you’ll still have plenty left to see on your next visit!