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How to Create a Homely Living Room

Your living room is likely to be a room in which you and your family spend the majority of your time, so it is no wonder thatyou want it to be as homely and as welcoming as possible! The great news is that it is simple to ensure that your living room is the cosiest room in the house, regardless of how big or small it is. Here are some tips.

Invest in a fireplace 

If you are looking for cosiness and comfort, you simply cannot go wrong with a fireplace. Concerned that the traditional nature of a fireplace may throw off the current contemporary décor of your living space? Fear not! Nowadays, there are countless fireplace designs to choose from, many of which are distinctly modern. Companies like stonewoods.co.uk are able to provide a wide range of unique styles, along with a choice between wood-burning and gas-powered fireplaces, depending on your preferences and budget. 

Keep it natural 

This goes for both colours and materials. Natural elements subconsciously contribute towards creating a calming, homely space. Think wooden coffee tables, cotton throws, and plenty of houseplants. Colours should remain neutral, although you can add a vibrant pop of colour here and there if you would like to give the room a friendlier look and feel. 

Choose your flooring solution carefully 

While shiny wooden floors are certain to look absolutely stunning, they can often strip the living room of its homely appeal. A soft, cosy feeling underfoot, however, can make all of the difference. This is the reason why many homeowners opt to place luxurious woollen carpets in this particular space. If you already have vinyl or wooden flooring, don’t fret. A similar vibe can be easily created by layering some large area rugs.

Add some finishing touches 

In order to successfully tempt the kids to spend more time with mum and dad, it is essential that the living room is full of reasons for them not to venture off into their own bedrooms! Consider a warm and inviting reading nook, some beanbag chairs, and perhaps a little play corner completely dedicated to their toys or crafts. For the best results, rope the kids into the planning phase, too, so that they can help to guide you in terms of what they like the most. 

Think carefully about furniture 

You will obviously want your living room to look beautiful,however, it is important to ensure that you don’t sacrifice its comfort in the process. This is especially true when it comes to choosing furniture for the space. Steer clear of designer settees and stylish ottomans, and focus more on selecting a suite that is certain to provide your family with endless hours of cosiness, instead. Also, remember to consider purchasing leather furniture if your children are still very young. This type of furniture material is much easier to clean in the event of unexpected spillages. 

Follow these great tips and your living room will be transformed into the ultimate family space in no time! Enjoy.