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5 Tips to Boost Your Teen’s Independence

As your kid becomes an adolescent, it is important to teach them the skills and give them the experience that they need to make their own way in the world, enabling them to stand on their own two feet without the need for you to make decisions for them. To pave the way for your teen’s future independence, here are some proactive steps that you can take to encourage them to take more responsibility and rely on themselves.

Book Driving Lessons

Learning how to drive will not only give your teen the independence to travel where they want to without asking for a lift, but it will also ensure that they take responsibility for their own safety and that of others when they are on the road. Driving is also an essential skill to enable them to start their career in the future. To help your kids to start driving as soon as possible, you should book lessons that can help them to work towards their theory driving test, which is one of the most important stepping stones to achieving a driving licence.

Encourage Them to Find a Part-Time Job

A good part-time job can encourage your kids to be independent by making them accountable for their role’s duties. This also allows them to work towards their own pay cheques, which can help them to improve their financial management skills. Not only will this give them the experience that they need to be able to earn money in a working environment in the future, but finding a part-time job will also force them to rely on their own problem-solving and motivational skills to perform their job well.

Teach Your Kids the Necessary Skills for Independence

If your kids are lacking the basic skills of independence, such as communication with others or time management, now is the perfect time to teach these to them. For instance, you could lead by example, such as asking them to sit in while you complete your tax return. You could also take simple steps such as allowing them to complete their own documentation and book their own appointments, or you could help them to draw up a weekly schedule that can help them to meet their deadlines and targets.

Open a Bank Account for Them

Being financially independent is one of the most important aspects of growing older, and to teach your teens to manage their money well, you should consider opening a bank account for them. By entrusting them with their own funds, they will be able to learn the importance of money and the true cost of the items that they buy, while teaching them to save for expensive items. There are many debit card and bank schemes for teens, with some having no overdraft, or only allowing you to withdraw a certain amount of money in one day.

Give Them Freedom

However, most importantly, you need to give your teensfreedom and trust in order to enable them to develop independence. Nonetheless, it is still important for them to stay safe, and you should ensure that you know where they are, their contact details, and what time they are expected home. You should also allow them to make mistakes, and encourage them to trust you and talk to you about anything that they are uncomfortable with. You should also help them to develop their own independent thoughts by inviting them in on family discussions and decisions, and asking for their opinion.