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Kids and video games – where do you set limits?

The current generation of parents is the first one who grew up playing video games. While our parents had difficulties understanding it, that is not the case with most of us. Still, it’s not easy to control the gaming habits of your children. Things are evolving so quickly that it’s easy for them to fire up a free online game on their PC and spend hours in multiplayer while listening to some nasty people yelling at them.

If you are a gamer, of course, your kid will sooner or later get attracted to it. If you are, you still shouldn’t keep him or her away from it. If it shows interested, but there for them. Maybe you can even suggest some cool local multiplayer games. If your child loves sports games, all officially licensed games like Madden, FIFA, PES, or NBA 2K series are rated E for everyone. You can play against each or even for the same club, learning all about teamwork. Finding a cooperative game that you can both enjoy will help you bond, and it will be much easier in the future to influence your child in the right direction. While your son or daughter will still want to compete online, they won’t hide it from you. Even if it’s something you don’t understand, show them that you are interested. Gamers love when someone is watching them play as they like to demonstrate their skills playing everything from sports, FPS, or even lesbian sex games

What is most essential for your kid is to know that there should be limits and try to explain why they are important. You don’t have to lie about it – tell them the facts, like they will do much better in any game if they are playing in a short burst of one or maybe two hours before making a pause to something else. Again, if you are part of their gaming world, they will respect as one of them – a cool dad that knows gaming and a person they could trust. Try to remember yourself at the same age – we all wanted for our parents to understand our gaming habits better, and when they’ve shown even remote interest, we were so happy about it. Times are changing, but we bet that your kid would feel the same way. For gaming dads, this is the perfect excuse to keep their habit alive, and for those that are not, showing the interest in what your child likes will benefit you in different ways. Of course, while furry sex games are probably too much for them, there are so many other games you can enjoy.

Video games can help you bond with your kid and spend some fun time together, but they are also a fine way for him or her to learn more about the world and develop cognitive functions. Healthy gaming habits will benefit all of you!