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How to maintain crystal jewelry?

There are many ways to maintain the crystal, such as: sun degaussing cleaning method, moonlight irradiation method, sea salt immersion method, sea salt burying method, snowbank burying method best friend jewelry, water purification method, aroma purification method, crystal cluster purification method, natural cleaning… Here we only give three examples.

(1) Sun degaussing cleaning method:

Cleaning method: As long as the spar is placed in a place that can be directly exposed to sunlight, such as a window sill and a balcony, the exposure time is about 30 minutes to 1 hour.


The spar has a focusing effect under sunlight. If paper or other combustible materials are placed near the spar monogram silver necklace, there is a danger of fire hazard. However, if the color elements of the spar contains copper and iron, it is not suitable for this type of cleaning method. Because these substances are exposed to sunlight for a long time, they will oxidize and cause the spar to fade. Color elements containing copper and iron include crystal stones such as red or purple.

(2) Moonlight irradiation method:

Cleaning method: On the night of the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar, because the moonlight is particularly strong at that night, it is a good time to dry the stone. The method of drying the stone is very simplepersonalised necklace cheap. Just put the spar on the terrace or by the window and receive moonlight. One night is enough. In addition, you can also put the spar on the terrace at night when the sky is bright and starry, and let it absorb the essence of the starlight to achieve the effect of purifying the spar.

Note: If the purple or red spar is irradiated, please remember to take it back before noon the next day girlfriend bracelet, otherwise the intense sunlight during the day will affect the color of the spar and make it fade.

(3) Sea salt immersion method:

Cleaning method: Put the spar in a glass of salt water with an appropriate amount of sea salt (or coarse salt) and soak for three to four hours to dissolve the magnetic field around the spar custom friendship necklace.


If the spar is inlaid in a metal object to make an ornament best friend rings, such as a ring, hanging pendant, etc., please remove the spar from the metal object before immersing it in salt water, otherwise it will affect the color of the metal surface. Please note that such cleaning methods may cause the contents of spar to change after cleaning.