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Practical tips and tricks for choosing your next kitchen

Which kind of kitchen is the right one for your needs and matches the style of your house? There are plenty of designs available, e.g. contemporary kitchen design, country style, or rustic design. How will you make your choice? Buying a new kitchen is a big investment and will affect your daily use of one of the most important common spaces in your house. It’s where you cook, eat, and spend time together, with your friends, your partner or your family for instance. From my experience, I would like to share with you these practical tips and tricks that helped me when my spouse and I had to choose a brand-new kitchen for our house.

Collect ideas

There is nothing like having clear ideas. My first suggestion is to put your thoughts in order by picking ideas from the real and the virtual world. Start by having a look at some dashboards on Pinterest. You can find styles you didn’t think of before and figure out what you don’t like. Limiting the range of choices makes it easier to reach the final decision.

“Learn from mistakes”

Take a pen and a piece of paper and start writing. But what? Write down everything that was bothering you in your previous kitchen, what you were missing, or what you dreamt of improving. Don’t consider only your own experience. You can ask your friends or your parents what they regret about their kitchen and what they love. In this way, you can gather a lot of ideas about what your kitchen should have and what isn’t necessary.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up a little

If you furnished your house in a retro style, or if you chose a more contemporary design, don’t worry. You can merge modern and traditional styles without creating a chaotic environment. Modern kitchens are the best choice if you are a pragmatic person, who doesn’t want to spend too much time cleaning that fiddly sideboard. Of course, if you find doing housework relaxing and you love old-fashioned style, a traditional kitchen may suit more your personal taste. A last bit of advice: don’t forget the transitional kitchens, where both styles are harmoniously combined.

Think about your needs

Now that you have clearer ideas, consider if the kitchen you would like to buy is the right one. You should think about how much you use the kitchen, for what kind of purposes, and what is the actual measure of the space for your next kitchen. E.g., you love kitchen islands, but you have limited space? Then it’s better to opt for a streamlined kitchen that will fit perfectly. Now, bear all of this in mind and make the best choice for your next kitchen.