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Brief History of Glass Mosaics

It is thought that the earliest glass mosaics date all the way back to 2500 B.C and have since spread across the world and influenced all types of designs. Ancient glass mosaics exploded with life and colour and beauty, often being part of gargantuan displays which drew awe and splendour but also incorporating smaller more intricate designs.

Glass mosaics have portrayed not only people across the ages but also the gods themselves. Below you can see the beautiful mosaic of Zeus and Ganymede.

Glass mosaics have been used for thousands of years to portray vitality and beauty but also pain, emotion and individuality. This has been possible because of the rich and varied colours only available in glasswork. 

With modern glass mosaics it is possible to tailor and customise to any specification, which is where L’Antic Colonial comes in. 

L’Antic Colonial have made it their mission to deliver all of the rich and wondrous history of  glass mosaic crafting to homes across the globe. They believe that with every mosaic they create they also create a unique environment, be it for the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere you can imagine.

From the sporadic yet robust Glacier to the luxurious Arabia with many designs in between L’Antic Colonial believes that they can capture the essence of a home, and create unforgettable, timeless installations. 

L’Antic Colonial have made it their mission to use only high quality natural products to bring the ancient mastercraft of glass mosaics to the modern world. These effortless designs show how simplistic beauty can instill itself in a living space.

You may think the irregular nature of a mosaic would create a harsh and unworkable surface, but nothing could be further from the truth. Just take a look at the Concrete Hive design above and see for yourself.