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Factors To Consider When Shopping For Your Kid’s Smartphone

With children becoming tech-savvy by the day, it makes sense to buy one for your kid. Whether shopping for a tablet or a smartphone for your dear son or daughter, it would be best to ensure you buy just the right one for them. Sometimes involving him/her can make the entire process a lot easier. Nevertheless, your choice will be influenced by several personal preferences and features. Outlined below are a few tips to help you buy the right smartphone for your child.

1.Buy It for The Right Reasons

Your children may desire to have a smartphone to be able to keep in touch with their parents, for safety reasons, or because they feel the need to fit in with their friends. Whatever the reason is, you need to ensure it is the best decision for the family as a whole.  If this isn’t the case, then a simple traditional cell phone or tablet will be enough. 

2.Decide on The Operating System

Smartphones today run on either the Android operating system or iOS. These two are quite different in terms of functionality, with android offering more monitoring and parental control when compared to iOS devices.  If looking for a device you can monitor remotely, then an Android-powered phone is an ideal choice. If not, then an iOS device will do the job. 

3.Explore Parental Controls

Although this is dependent on the operating system, some phones offer more parental control options than others despite running on the same operating system. That said, it would be advisable to investigate the features each phone has to offer before making the purchase.  It should also be possible to secure the parental features with a password. 

4.Consider the Price

While this depends on your budget, it would be advisable to opt for a low to middle range smartphone until he/she can learn to take care of one. Most children will accidentally damage, forget or lose the phone, which is why you need to be sure they can take care of one. 

5.Consider an Insurance Plan for The Same

If the phone is tied to a contract, then consider having it insured. The insurance cover should cover it from theft, damage, and if lost. 

6.Go for a Prepaid Plan

While this may not seem like a good option for you, it might be the best thing for your child. Many parents today prefer having their kid’s phones on a prepaid plan, and for a good reason. With a prepaid plan, you never have to worry about high phone bills at the end of the month or in-app purchases that you haven’t authorized.  The child will be forced to make use of what is available, which again enables them to become responsible. Finding the best network is important.

7.Invest in A Protective Case

Children tend to be heavier smartphone users than older persons. That said, their phones get more wear and tear, which is why you should consider investing in a protective phone case. The protective case will help protect both the body of the phone and the screen. A screen protector would come in handy too. It will protect the screen from scraches and crackes. And screen protectors also serves as an anti-glare protection.

8.Set and Discuss the Rules with Your Kid

Letting your child have a smartphone of his/her own is quite a risk to take, especially for younger children. The only way you can ensure he/she doesn’t play games after bedtimes, or post/send pictures on social media without your consent would be by setting and discussing rules with him/her. One way to enforce this would be to set time limits using the built-in control feature. Ensure the security feature is secured with a strong password for it to be effective. 

9.Consider the Kid’s Preferences

In addition to using the phone to text and call, your child will likely want to watch videos, play games, browse the web, and even take pictures with the device. Discuss his/her favorite activities before enforcing the rules. 

10.Get to Know About the Storage Space

Research about the phone, and especially the amount of space available. Some phones have limited storage, which can be supplemented with an SD card, while others do not allow it. Choosing a phone with enough storage space, and the capability to expand it should make it easier for him/her to take videos, photos, and even download games without running low on space.