Your child has turned one, and you have no earthly idea of how you are going to handle the situation. You can visit this website Birthday Entertainment and hire an entertainment specialist for your party preparations or call on to friends who have had the same case before for help. There are lots of points that one should consider in these circumstances. They include; the time of the day, the health conditions of the child, space for the celebration, food to be served.

Usually, children require more time to sleep. Since your baby cannot be awake through the day, you need to throw this party when the kid is not asleep. Also, let the child have their sleep schedules intact, do not compromise to arrange for a party. Also, ensure that the day the party falls should get the baby fine. You should not expose that baby to more foreign things, which will likely lead to more complications.

Space or the venue where the baby is celebrating is essential. It is critical in the sense that if the place is small, then you will have to invite fewer people, for they can easily fit into the room without overwhelming the child. Also, ensure the baby is only eating food meant for babies. Do not allow alcohol into the house. Be sensible with the kinds of food or drinks you encourage on your child’s birthday.

Just like any other birthday party, the organization should not be challenging for you. The race is between you and time to get the party going before that baby goes back to sleep. A healthy environment prevents the baby from coming in contact with dirt or pathogens. Here are party entertainment ideas you can adopt from your child’s first birthday party.

Ask for help

Your child wi8ll need you all through the party. Therefore, you should arrange for someone who can take care of the other house requirements as you help your child enjoy the birthday party. Your helper can balance the reception of guests, and kitchen among other areas that require a hand. You can hire the said subject at a fee; however, if you want to save up for the next, you can always ask a friend or family to stand in for you.


By now, your child must have started developing senses such as eyes and fragmented speech. This means that they have tasted, and so as a mother, you should be knowing their favorite color even though they are most likely not aware of any color. However, the mother knows instincts. Shop the carpets, table mats, etc. that will help boost the Childs mood and, at the same time, enhance the theme. Decorate the walls and use ribbons to tie balloons onto them. Children love balloons.

Limit visitors

Cut back the number of people who have shown intent of attending the part. You can limit this number by limiting the number of invitation cards. The reason why you need to keep the guest list as smaller as possible is to prevent your baby from being overwhelmed by a large number of people in attendance. Additionally, the low numbers reduce the expenditure you would have on the menu.

Time of sleep

These children will need to sleep at some point. If this happens, then you want to be ready with beddings. You can get some extra space in the house where you can lay down the beddings for the children to take a nap during the day. This time gives the parents a world of opportunity to talk and catch up with each other.

Create a place where they can play

Your one-year-old child is not able to run around and play on the lawn like the rest of the old ages. Therefore, you need to make them someplace where they can play. These play areas should also be filled with appropriate toys or age approved toys. And only allow the children who play inside to be of the same age. This way, there is no significant source of concern about the older bullying, the younger.


Children are active creatures that frequently eat to compensate for the high energy requirement in the body for growth. Therefore, food should be available at all times. Also, on this aspect, it could help if you checked if there are allergies of any kind. Allergy can occur on nuts, pets, etc. Therefore, for precaution, you can put allergens away from the children. You don’t want to find out about allergies in the hospital for taking chances.

Do not over-do

Many things usually happen on birthdays, but at the first birthday, you don’t need to have them. At least a few more years than you will need deejays, bands, superhero artists, etc. therefore, you have no absolute reason to spend on these items. Be simple. It isn’t very easy for your child to know what is happening anyway. Needless say, one most important factor you mustn’t forget is the newborn photography. Memories are important. Capturing them on some paper helps you keep them. The child may be unaware of the surroundings but will surely get to understand when they grow up.

Use locally available materials for decorations

The kids need to remain in an environment where they are most comfortable. Decorating with commonly available equipment helps to ensure this happens. Also, the materials should be children approved. It would help if you did not use that the kids will likely chew on them. Do not let them induce unknown materials into their bodies.

The Bottom Line

Above are some ideas which might come in handy when preparing a birthday party for your child who just turned one. Always note that the safety of the child comes first. For example, the playing area where you confine them should be devoid of any sharp objects or sharp edges. Also, it would be best if you were on high alert with all the kids. This is because some of them may start a fight, especially the elder ones, or the younger ones may swallow dirt, etc.