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Best Flooring Options for Families

Any parent who has spent time trying to pick playdoh out of carpet can tell you the havoc that family life can have on your floors. So, when it comes time to update your floors how do you ensure you shiny new investment can withstand the battering it’s going to get from the kids and pets?

Children spend a fair bit of time on the floor, so there are many practical considerations to take into account. 

Here we look at the different options and why they may or may not suit your family.


For families that love the look and feel of hardwood but might not have a budget to stretch that far, then laminate is an excellent alternative. It comes in at far less cost than hardwood and is easy to clean and water resistant as long as spills are cleaned up quickly. For pets, laminate can provide a surface that is reasonably resistant to scratches and it is a comfortable floor to walk or sit on.


Nothing can beat the comfort of carpet as it provides a soft and cosy floor for kids and pets.  If you are a young family with crawling infants, then carpet is perfect for cushioning a fall. It is also an inexpensive option for flooring and carpet suppliers and fitters can provide families with a massive range to suit all budgets and designs.

However, carpet is easily damaged from damp and water and will succumb to stains over time. As well as this, even the most trimmed dog claws will snag a carpet from time to time, so it is not the best option when it comes to wear and tear.


Tiles come in a variety of materials including stone, ceramic, marble and porcelain. They provide a classic look that can work well in any scheme, and as well as this they are one of the most scratch and water-resistant surfaces for your floors.

However, while tiles are easy to clean, the grout does tend to collect dirt and can present a challenge for families. While they are fairly robust, tiles can crack and require replacing which is a tricky procedure as surrounding tiles can get damaged during this process.

Due to their hard surface, tiles are not known for being very comfortable to sit or stand on.


Hardwood is a popular choice for many families as it is warm underfoot, easy to clean, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. However, hardwood can succumb to scratches from pets or toys, although this can be refinished and made to look like new multiple times.

Large amounts of water can result in warping, so it is not always advisable to use hardwood in bathrooms and wet rooms. It can also be uncomfortable to walk on due to the irregularities of the wood.


While rubber will provide your kids and pets a soft cushiony surface on which to play, it is not always considered to be the most pleasing floor to look at.  Perfect for playrooms, it can resist scratches and has a degree of water resistance.