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How To Bring Your Home Up To Date

You might not realise it – you may not have noticed at all –but it could be that your home is no longer modern and stylish. Worse still, it might be completely out of date. This can happen very easily: while you’ve been busy working and caring for your children and family, time has moved on and fashions have changed. 

If you want to update your home and make it more modern, it’s not as big a job as you might think. You don’t have to renovate or redecorate the entire house – there are some relatively small changes you can make that will give your home the new look it deserves. Read on to find out what they are.

Take the Carpets Out

Carpets are something that you won’t notice much until you really take the time to get a good, up-close look at them. When you do that, you might spot how threadbare they’re getting, and even worse, how dirty they are. Of course, it’s possible to clean carpets and repair bare patches, but there are other things you can do to properly update and refresh your home. Removing the carpets entirely, for instance, will give your rooms a new lease of life – and this is especially true if the carpets are patterned rather than plain. 

In place of the carpets, you can install hardwearing wooden or laminate flooring. You can then place a beautiful rug over the top, such as those available at Persian rugs London. Not only will this update your room quickly, but it will also look great. The other good thing about rugs: you can easily change them whenever you want.

Add Mirrors 

Mirrors are a lovely way to keep your home looking modern. They are eye-catching items, and if your mirrors are stylish and sleek, you’ll make the rest of the room look great, too. It’s the frame of the mirror that is most important. Buy something that is modern and interesting, and you will automatically enhance any room you hang it in. 

As an additional bonus, mirrors always give a room a feeling of light and space, so you can change a dark room into a lighter one with little effort. Smaller rooms will seem larger too


The colour of a room can very easily date it. Some colours are associated with certain time periods. Interior design of the 70s used a lot of oranges and browns, and the 80s heavily featuredred and black, for example. When you’re choosing colours for your home, it’s crucial that you’re careful with your decisions. 

The safest way to ensure your home doesn’t go out of date again is to stick with neutral colours such as cream and white,or even a light shade of beige. The problem with these colours is, of course, that they aren’t very interesting. Not only that, but they also don’t reflect anyone’s personality. To combat the anonymity of neutrals, you can add splashes of colour using artwork, rugs as mentioned above, curtains, cushions, and other furnishings. That way, you can have it all.