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Online slot myths debunked

When it comes to online slot gaming, there are a number of things players must take into consideration already before they get going – how much shall I put in? How much will I win? Should I play this game or that one?

Amongst other questions, these are worth answering, and there are more that are worth asking. But these aren’t the be all and end all… and not only that, sometimes you won’t always get the answer to the question that you want to hear. And sometimes, you won’t get a suitable answer at all.

And then there are the myths you hear about online slot gaming. These myths are in place for a number of reasons, and we can only guess that a big reason for the myths being put in place is to try and lure gamers and players alike off from the online slot games seen on Wizardslots and back onto the in-house casinos.

Myths to debunk

One myth we will talk about first which is commonly believed is that slot machine wins are due when they have not hit the jackpot in a while.

Well, although it seems like it makes sense, it’s just not the case at all. Slot machines are not programmed to pay out to any schedule in particularly, and they can just pay out as and when the luck of the player strikes.

Patterns may spring up, but other than that, there is just no particular reason that slot machines will pay out because they haven’t had their jackpot paid out in a while, it’s just not the case.

Another myth around slot machine games which is commonly believed is that you will have a better chance of winning if you pull the lever instead of pressing a button when you go to spin.

Again, just not true. As is also the case for the above, slot machines work via a random number generator. This means the random number generator just would not be aware that a player has pressed a button rather than pulled a lever, and so it won’t have any effect on the outcome of the game which you are playing.

This is another myth – and yet, one that is not so bad as the above as some people don’t believe it. This myth goes that the temperature of the coins will affect the amount that the game will pay out to players of the game in question.

This detail is not realistic, but it probably comes from the adage that the warm coins will result in a hot machine, but that’s just not the case unfortunately.

The last myth to touch upon is that which says that the time you choose to play a game affects whether or not you will win the game and receive a pay out.

Again, it is just not the case, because you can not determine when a machine is going to pay out and when it isn’t due to the way the method of winning is created.