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Best Zoo to Visit in the UK 2020

A day out at the zoo is enjoyable for all the family and there are some excellent zoos in the UK, but which ones are the best? In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best UK zoos which are easy to travel to by car, rail or coach.

Best Zoos In The UK 

Before we determine which is the best zoo in the UK, it is important to note which are the top zoos. From primate centres to live animal shows, there are a whole wealth of great places to visit when it comes to zoos.

Folly Farm Adventure Park And Zoo

Located in Pembrokeshire, Wales, this incredible zoo is home to over 90 different species including lions, penguins and rhinos. If you love giraffes, then why not take a walk along the stunning Giraffe Heights Walkway to get really up close tothese beautiful creatures.

The zoo has a high focus on conservation and has a good variety of endangered species which they take great care of in the specially made enclosures. On top of the usual zoo experience, visitors can also visit the on site farm where they can interact with the animals and have a cuddle.

Cotswold Wildlife Park

Founded in the 1970’s, this impressive zoo is home to over 260 species, giving you plenty to observe whilst you are here. There is the chance to come right up close to the giraffes or watch a feeding show with the penguins, which is not only fun but educational as well.

ZSL London Zoo

Probably one of the most recognisable names in UK zoos, ZSL London is the oldest zoo in the country and has a terrifying and interesting attraction in the walk through spider experience which is unique to this zoo. The zoo is home to a variety of endangered species including the Asiatic Lion which can be seen in one of the zoos most well loved exhibits-The land of the lions.

Chester Zoo

Another of the UK’s most renowned zoos, Chester is home to over 21 thousand individual animals but you can see them either on foot or by taking a ride down the lazy river for a more relaxed experience. There is a handy monorail which is great for getting to the different areas in this massive 125 acre site. One of the most notable things is the junior rangers camp which has proven popular with the younger generations.

Twycross Zoo

Located in Leicestershire, Twycross Zoo puts its focus on primates and has a nationwide renowned primate conservation program in operation. The zoo is also home to a variety of other animals including leopards and zebras to name a few. There is an interactive Lorakeet experience where these gorgeous birds will come and eat from your hand, excellent for getting up close and personal with them.


It would seem that there are a whole host of excellent zoos in the UK but if we had to pick a top one it would be ZSL London Zoo purely due to the unique range of exhibits and programs that they have running here. That being said, with a massive 48 zoos located across the country, any animal lover has a lot to discover in a country that takes animal conservation seriously. Hiring a coach for visiting the zoos is best part and Coach Hire Essex is one of the best company to travel with.