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How Much Does a Driveway Repair Cost in the UK

Repairing a driveway is only an unknown process by the majority but an intimidating task as well. It’s difficult to make for yourself an idea of how much the reparation would cost or what to do in general, which is why in this article we’re going to cover the overall driveways UK repair.

The average price of such a process in the UK is £1,500. Whereas the usual price ranges between £700 and £2,400, some restitution might require as little as £250 and others may be as high as £4,200.

The overall cost depends on a variety of factors such as the material used, the driveway perimeter, and it even depends on the foundation condition.

Since the only factor that’s not specific for every single individual is the material type, next, we’re going to review each driveway material price. All the materials used below need to be used on a clear foundation and of you have any rubble, weeds or trees to remove you might want to consider site clearance services to help you to prepare the are for the driveway paving.


With the average reparation cost ranging between £250 and £3,200, concrete is a strong and durable material. Still, even through the strongest laid drives, small cracks can appear. With no maintenance applied, the collecting moisture and cold will widen the cracks over time, which is why the best way to fix it on a small scale level is with rubberized crack fillers. With £0,10 to £0,15 per lineal foot, you get to fill every fissure, preventing it from getting any bigger in the winter. 

Keep in mind that sometimes buying a new concrete driveway might come up cheaper than fixing an overly damaged one as a professional will charge around £2,00 per square foot or about £1,500 for 750 feet.


With the average reparation cost ranging between £750 and £2,800, the asphalt will also form fissures over time. The patch material and the sealer to fill the gaps will cost you around £2,00 per square foot combined. As for an asphalt squeegee, you can get one for around £20- £50.

However, potholes and sinkholes could be harder to repair due to poorly-built foundations, cracks, and base erosion appeared over the time. If you feel like your driveway is beyond repair, a we buy any house company such as House Buy Fast will buy your house in any condition.


For the average reparation price ranging between £700 and £1,700, brick is also one of the most beautiful materials with its main decorative purpose.

Still, with so many benefits, there is the big downside of being weak to deterioration. From big branches that fall and break them, to roots that grow underneath it and pushing it out of the foundation, to sand layers that corrode and take it down. Broken bricks can be replaced, as for the sunken spaces, you can fill them with sand under the bricks as a temporary solution. A single brick costs from £0,35 to £0,75, while a 50 lb. bag of sand costs between £15 to £25.

Hiring a professional would cost around £500 for tree removal and £500 – £800 for brickwork.


While cobblestone is quite expensive, with an average reparation cost ranging between £500 and £1,600, it is known to be the easier driveway material to maintain. The damage usually comes from frigid weather. In case you have just some stones broken, you can pry them up with a screwdriver. For unleveled areas, you can add sand under the stones. Cobblestone pavers cost around £50- £60 per square foot.

Now that you have a general idea of how much your driveway repair would cost, feel free to come to Complete Drives and Patios Ltd (Driveways Essex) and get your driveway repaired or installed today.