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How to Get Building Plans For Your House

The building plans of a house are meant to show the position, measurements, and specifications of the entire house. Homes that do still have building plans in place are easy to renovate and remodel. At times home buyers may not have access to these relevant documents upon buying a new house. If you’re in that category of buyers, you may end up asking yourself the question how do I find building plans for my house? But you don’t have to worry since this article is going to address this question.

Most of the houses built in remote areas usually don’t have building plans in place. If you live in such areas, don’t stress yourself trying to find building plans for your house. Most homes built in urban areas have blueprints that are kept in an attic or basement. If you have bought a new home in such areas and you’re in desperate need of these documents, you can do some digging as you try to find some documents with useful information left by the owners and this can give you peace of mind from foreseeable stress. 

Let’s look at the steps to finding building plans for your house. 

Reach Out to your Estate Agent

Reaching out to the estate agent who assisted you to buy your home will speed up the processes involved in getting the floor plans for your house. An estate agent can help you to find your house building plans with ease as long as your home is less than 50 years of age. Realtors work with different houses, and this means they are well-informed about the housing pattern in your residential area. Houses whose building plans are identical tend to save money and time. However, note that your house may differ slightly with the stock plan in your residential area. 

Get in Touch with Home’s Former Owners

To get the floor plans for your house is effortless as long as your home’s former owners have them. If you bought your home from someone else other than the original owner, you would have to search public records to identify the original owners. Once you have found them, contact them and request for the building plans. If they misplaced, seek them to provide you with the details of the engineers, architects or any other person involved in its construction. They may still have the building plans in place. In addition, if the original homeowners had a mortgage to finance the construction of the house, their banks may have the building plans you need for your home. 

Reach Out to the Building Inspector’s Office

It is a requirement for builders to have a permit before they can remodel or extend a building. This is to ensure the structure being built complies with the building codes. A building permit and an inspection report comprises of the details of the architect, contractor and builders involved in the construction of a home. Getting in touch with building inspector’s office will help to get your house building plans. You will be required to pay a small fee once the blueprints are found in the official records. 

Contact your Neighbours

If you’re reluctant to contact your estate agent, reaching out your neighbours can help to find the floor plans for your house. If you discover that your neighbour’s architectural design plan and that of yours are alike, talk to them to get your floor plan. However, both layouts should not have beennot renovated nor remodelled previously. 

The discussed above are some of the ways that can help you to find building plans for your house.