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Colours in style for summer 2020

We are finally saying goodbye to winter, with the cold months soon to be a distant memory. In no time at all, we will be able to enjoy light nights and plenty of BBQ food in the garden. As well as enjoying some much-needed fresh air, we also get the chance to wear a completely new wardrobe. When it comes to our summer outfits, we can add a touch of colour to our clothes, putting away all those black, beige and grey outfits and wearing more summery options instead. Here is our guide to colours in style for summer 2020.


Summer is the perfect season to add some bright colours to your wardrobe. And you can’t get any brighter than yellow. The colour is bang-on-trend with fashion houses such as Hermes adding yellow to their summer collections. Whether you fancy trying some yellow trousers which are relaxed in style or want to add a yellow shirt to your collection, it’s a great way to rise up the fashion stakes. And don’t forget to opt for accessories like a yellow backpack or belt.


Slowly becoming more and more popular, a lot of guys are making sure they add a hint of pink to their wardrobes for the summer. You can get some great suit jackets which will be perfect for taking you from the workplace to evening drinks during the warmer months. A t-shirt in pink is also an ideal choice for a casual Saturday. As Farfetch has once stated, a lot of the major fashion players are releasing some great coral pink outfits for summer 2020.


Another colour to consider adding to your wardrobe this summer is green. It is such a popular colour and is perfect for creating a bright feel. For summer 2020, you should think about a shade of dark green. It is subtle, so many guys don’t mind adding the colour to their wardrobe with a pair of shorts or even a t-shirt. You can also get a pair of boots in a great khaki colour from Dune London. Just pair them with some chinos and a casual t-shirt for a lazy weekend with friends.