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Scandinavian Design for Spring 2020

Spring is just around the corner and with that, the longer, warmer and sunnier days are not far. Despite the lockdown in many regions due to current circumstances, it is still possible to enjoy the sunny hours coming with springtime, and also necessary, if not now even more than ever before! 

Going for walks, working out or just enjoying the sun on the balcony, many of us love it. Simultaneously, we should not forget the strength of the sun, even though it might not feel that warm yet, a lot of harmful UV radiation is emitted. That’s why protecting your skin is super important, some experts even recommend using sun cream all year around. 

But not only does our skin need proper protection, sitting in the sun is not only very bright for the eyes, it can actually harm them. That’s why a fine pair of sunglasses is as important as sunscreen. They are beneficial in several ways, since they also give you a really cool look and complement your outfit!

MessyWeekend – Danish Quality Design with a good purpose

There are many cool and stylish sunglasses and Designer brands out there, it is hard to narrow down. Let me introduce you to a relatively new startup: MessyWeekend

This Danish startup has its headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark and since 2018 designs its high quality sunglasses and snow goggles. They started with successful crowdfunding campaigns and ever since have been growing and bringing out one cool collection after the other. 

Since their first day, MessyWeekend has been collaborating and partnering with the NGO 4THEPLANET (before known as ProArtso). Together they established the project ‘Origines’ and created the 1 = 2 kg campaign, meaning that for every pair of eyewear sold by MessyWeekend, they make a donation to their friends in Colombia to help clean 2 kg of plastic from the Pacific at the Colombian Coast. Together with the local community they also work on creating a sustainable recycling system in Timbiqui, Colombia.

Cool and stylish Designer sunglasses for women and men 

There are several collections of MessyWeekend sunglasses consisting mainly of two materials – Acetate and TR90. Both materials are high quality and very suitable for sunglasses, since they make them light as a feather, flexible and durable. They will definitely survive a camping or hiking trip as well as a 5 day festival or playing with your kids. 

The two materials that were mentioned just before have the benefit of being very durable. Acetate is a cellulose-based material and is the more sustainable option with similar, even better characteristics than plastic. 

As mentioned before, it is very important to protect the eyes from dangerous UV protection and MessyWeekend eyewear offers full UV400 (UVA + UVB) protection. 

Go and check out the cool MessyWeekend shades and protect your eyes as well as the environment. Cool design with a good purpose!