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Easy-Peasy Tricks To Care For Cotton T-Shirts

T-shirts look cool, no matter in which season you prefer to wear them. One of the most comfortable clothing options for all age groups, t-shirts can be found in every person’s closet. However, it is also amongst the clothing options that need a lot of care.

You may already know t-shirts often lose their shape or shade or both after a few washes. And like most of the t-short owners, you may also regret having to buy new t-shirts and lose one of your favorites after wearing them for not more than 10 or 15 times, maybe. But, did you know you can preserve your favorite ones by taking a few careful measures?

Well, this article, perhaps will give you some easy tips to maintain and take care of your favorite pieces.

Follow Wash Care Instructions

The foremost care tip is to alter the washing process that you use. Most of the people do not even care to look at the care instructions that come with the t-shirt. This is the reason, they often end up with a distorted shape of the cloth within a few weeks of purchasing it. Nevertheless, here are a few common tips that you can use.

Use Mild Detergent

Cotton fibers are very sensitive to alkaline pH. And since the detergents are alkalis, they dissolve and wrinkle the fibers. Studies reveal that strong alkalis may even dissolve the fibers. Therefore, it is best to use mild detergents when washing your t-shirt. It’d help keep it soft and smooth even after several washes.

Wash In Cold Water

Another thing that you must keep in mind is to wash your tees in cold water. The reason being, hot water creates wrinkles in cotton fabrics. Washing in cold water will avoid wrinkle formation and therefore, prevent any change in its shape.

Do Not Twist/Tumble Dry

One of the major reasons that affect the change in the shape of cotton t-shirts is the method of drying that you use. It is best to avoid twist drying or tumble drying your cotton clothes. From your experience, you may already know the reason you need to iron your cotton shirts. Instead, you should opt for flat drying or hang drying options.

Wash With Similar Colors

Often the dyes in t-shirts bleed during the washing process. The best way to avoid cross shading of tees is to wash them with a similar color. For instance, washing white t-shirts with whites can help avoid dye leaks and cross shading.

Besides washing care, the type of t-shirt you choose also makes a difference in preserving its shape and color. Here are a few tips to choose a good quality tee that can last you for seasons.

Choose Your T-Shirts Carefully When Buying

When buying a new t-shirt there are certain thumb rules that you must follow. Read on to know more.

Check The Composition

The first thing to check when buying a new pair of a t-shirt is to look for its composition. The type of materials used in making the piece can make a huge difference in the wash care to follow. Likewise, it also makes a difference in the color retention of the shirt. For instance, a t-shirt with a polyester and cotton mix will probably need less care when washing, whereas, a 100% cotton one will need more care.

Choose Neck & Sleeve Ribs Carefully

The neck and sleeve ribs are usually meant to sustain hard wash methods, and retain their shape. However, you can still choose for tight neck t-shirts for improved shape retention. The tighter the structure of these ribs the more resilient they’ll be to shape change. Thus, promising a longer-lasting piece that you can enjoy wearing to the office or a date.

Print Or No Print, It Makes A Difference

Another factor that can affect the appearance of a t-shirt over time is whether it has a print or not. Even if it does, the type of print also makes a difference. So, choose carefully when buying a printed t-shirt. As a rule of thumb, a printed tee would demand more care than a no-print one.

Lastly, you should be careful about how you pack your tees. Essentially, storage makes a huge difference in maintaining the shape of your tees.

Storage Tips

When keeping your t-shirts when they are not to be used for some time, you must keep them with utmost care.

Use Cold Iron

The first step is to iron them properly with a cordless iron. Regular iron cycles improve the health of your favorite t-shirt. Moreover, it also helps lock in the color and avoids any fading during the next wash. However, ironing at hot temperatures can also lead to the loss of elasticity of the t-shirt. Therefore, you should iron your tee at cool temperatures.

Do Not Pile Too Much Load

Piling too many clothes over one another can also form creases in your t-shirts. And it is needless to say that nobody likes crease formation in tees, particularly. So, try to keep them small piles, and if possible place your tees on top of the pile, so that they are not under a lot of weight.

Keep It Aerated

If you really care about your t-shirts, then you must know that keeping them aerated at all times is very important. Cotton fabrics are pretty good at absorbing and retaining moisture from the air. If they are not allowed to breathe, they may develop molds. One way to avoid this is, of course, not piling them too stuffed. Apart from this, you can put them out from time to time, so that if there’s any moisture trapped in between layers, it should properly escape.

T-shirts are surely a multipurpose piece of apparel. You can wear them to a party, or to work. They are comfortable and trendy at the same time. However, keeping them in good shape to make them last for long demands some extra care. Hopefully, these tips would help you wear your favorite t-shirts year after year, without losing their aesthetic appeal. After all, you would surely wish to slay every occasion you wear your t-shirt.