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What are the Web Hosting Options for Your Blog?

When most people start a blog, they only really think about the content. They want to start posting and building a community as quickly as possible. However, by just focusing on the content of their blog, they are forgetting the important steps – things like ensuring their blog is secure, owned by them and will remain in their control for the long haul. That said, WPHost, a New Zealand-based web hosting company, suggests committing to a trustworthy web host.

Your website host is responsible for making sure that your blog stays up and running at an optimal speed for all your traffic. This will help to make sure that your blog is running as successfully as it should. This is a big reason to why you should make sure that you sort out a website host as soon as you can. Not only will they help keep your blog running, they will also ensure that your blog remains safe online, as your information is encrypted, monitored and cared for. So, if you need to sort out a website host, keep on reading to find out who you could use!

Linux Hosting

If you’ve seen the word Linux hosting before, but never knew what it meant, then don’t worry you’re not alone. This is a term that often comes up when people search web hosting, and few people understand what it actually is. However, put simply, this is an operating system, a platform that uses a unique programming language, used to help build your blog or website. 

This is one of the most popular web hosting operating systems on the internet and one that will help your blog hugely. There are a few bonuses to using this web hosting system as well. The first is that it is less expensive than other options and is known for pairing stability and security. If you need a web host for your blog, then Linux is also great for this as they offer a tool which makes customization a lot simpler, which allows you to creatively engage with the design process. All in all, this is a great web hosting system for any blogger. 

Shared Hosting

If you’ve just started blogging, then a shared hosting plan might actually be better for you though. This is a lot better for people who might not know exactly what they are doing, as it requires minimum technical knowledge. This is also a popular choice for first time bloggers, as it is highly affordable and comes with a free SSL Certificate. This is a nice little bonus for people who have just started blogging.

However, people who are thinking of using shared hosting need to be aware that shared hosting is a like a moving, safe and inexpensive neighbourhood. It’s filled will people, and the price is low because so many people are contributing to the same set of resources. However, since so many people are using it, when it gets busy (e.g. when you get more traffic), everyone using that same hosting provider will be slowed down. However, this difference in speed might be so small that you don’t even notice it.

VPS Hosting

This is a step above shared hosting, as when you buy a VPS hosting plan, you are essentially securing a mini server within the larger server. This is better than a shared hosting server, because you can enjoy enhanced privacy, have greater control over your virtual space, and aren’t affected by issues of traffic (something which people with shared hosting will have to deal with). This is great for bloggers who have started to outgrow (or are planning on outgrowing) their shared server.

If you are attracting a significant amount of traffic (e.g. around 5,000 visitors per day), then your website speed will suffer on a shared server. This is why you will need to change to a VPS server (or something similar like a Linux server). Running a slow website runs the risks of dissuading people from engaging with your content and this isn’t something which you want to happen. Getting a good hosting server isn’t the only good thing that you can do to help your blog stand out though – why not check out this article here about a blog branding checklist to help you and your blog go that extra step!