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CBD oil: the new ally for beautiful skin

If it has long been relegated to the rank of a drug, cannabis and hemp are today an ingredient touted by the cosmetic industry. According to many scientific studies, it has many virtues, especially for the health of our skin. It is revealing a beauty trend that seems to be proving its worth.

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CBD and cosmetic

Hemp is the new queen plant in our beauty routine. This fashion was born in the United States, where the supply of hemp cosmetic products explodes. We even talk about canna-business.

However, Europe and the U.K. are not outdone. Besides the vaporizers and dried CBD leaves, the many shops devoted to legal cannabis now offer miracle creams such as anti-acne, anti-itch, capable of fighting wrinkles, rosacea, etc.

However, are these substances extracted from hemp effective?

In fact, there are two kinds of hemp: the traditional and the recreational. 

For a very long time, classic hemp has been cultivated to obtain seeds and fibres, which we transform into textile products, ropes or building materials.

Today, we also covet the oil drawn from its seeds, which is particularly interesting for the care of the epidermis.

CBD oil benefits

The leaves and flowers of recreational hemp are coated with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) resin. This substance causes the psychoactive effects that we know. But apart from THC, hemp also contains over a hundred other cannabinoids. Among them, CBD, or cannabidiol. By hybridization, it is now possible to obtain plants composed of minute quantities of illegal THC, but rich in virtuous CBD.

From a legal point of view

At present in the U.K., it is forbidden to cultivate recreational cannabis, because its THC content exceeds 1%. To meet the growing demand for legal cannabis authorized in 2016, hemp growers have developed new species.

The Narcotic Drugs Act does not govern these because they are almost free of psychoactive substances, but remain rich in CBD. They, therefore, delight new businesses which are flourishing on every street corner in Europe.

CBD oil to rejuvenate the skin

Some of these CBD specialists offer a whole range of hemp and CBD products, including many cosmetic treatments. In fact, the number of CBD skin care products on the market is increasing at an incredible rate as more people realise the benefits. The application of hemp or CBD for external use makes it possible to target specific areas. Using care in addition to drops or capsules taken internally will increase the desired effects on the area in question.

Other researchers showed that cannabis and its derivatives are a real plus for the health of our epidermis: It has endocannabinoid receptors on which CBD will act. Hemp oil is rich in omega fatty acids (3 & 6). With such a lipid composition, it can help the skin to regenerate by producing more collagen. These seeds also contain vitamin E, a natural antioxidant and therefore an excellent anti-ageing remedy.

CBD oil is also famous for offering a significant regulation of the sebum presents in the skin. It is an excellent product to hydrate your skin and regulate it.

Sebum is also known to be the source of acne with CBD oil. The anti-inflammation effect is being used to reduce acne, but also to treat more severe problems such as eczema.

These cosmetics using CBD oil, also operate as pollution filter and can protect our skin.

Pay attention to the composition

A product will be more effective if it combines both hemp seed oil and CBD, which are complementary. Unfortunately, some brands incorporate hemp oil at rates below 1%. They are going to play on other ingredients with similar properties, but less expensive, and affix the term cannabis on products which hardly contain any CBD.

The application of hemp seed oil will instead act on the surface of the skin, while the CBD will work more deeply through the tissues.

Besides, in a hemp product, cannabinoid levels vary from plant to plant. So, it’s easier to know the dosage of a CBD product. According to recent studies, it could even contain up to 17 pharmacological properties. We, therefore, have not finished discovering the virtues of cannabis beyond its so-called recreational properties.

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